Season of CHANGE

Last night I had a vivid dream. Two young girls danced in shimmery dresses covered in coins. They were full of joy, excitement and GREAT expectation as though they knew exactly what was coming. When I woke, I too had that feeling of joy and expectation hearing immediately the song “Goodness of God” played over and over in my mind. Change is not only coming I thought to myself, its here.

I was reminded of the children of Israel as they responded in fear and unbelief, standing at the edge of the Red Sea, they were in a moment of CHANGE!  They had already forgotten all that God has done, pillar of a cloud at day and fire at night…How could they forget? Exodus 14:10 says “Pharaoh approached.” Sometimes that’s all it takes….FEAR. Even with repeated mercy from their Holy God, they  completely forgot and moved right into complaining, whining and despair. The Bible has preserved this story and many others, to continually remind us to TRUST HIM in the midst of change.

And so here we find ourselves in the very same place.. Maybe we don’t have a king with  armies from a country that previously enslaved us breathing down our necks, like the children of Israel, but each one of us have situations where we can either trust Jesus in greater measure in an instant, or once again, go around the mountain.

CHANGE IS HERE….Its a NEW place and its time to throw care to the wind and trust Him in new ways as we are lead by obedience to God, submission to His Word and being quick to repent in our responses as we face uncertain circumstances.

Exodus 14:1-14

v 14 The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.

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