Don’t underestimate God

This morning reading Judges 9, the story of Abimelek. The power hungry half son of Gideon.
Such hunger for power is never satisfied, it only becomes more intense. Manipulation led him to hire “scoundrels” the Bible calls them, to murder his family and the attempted conquering of the city. The story goes on to say as Abimeleks soldiers got closer, the people Shechem ran to THE STRONG TOWER and climbed to the top. There a “woman” dropped a millstone and killed Abimelek.
Don’t underestimate Gods ability to use you in anyway in this hour… you may be the very person he needs to save a people. Run to the strong tower that is Jesus and the enemy will flee. Some around you may say your not able…But Gods plan says you are capable through Him…Run to His tower and be an overcomer.




  1. Beautiful! I’ve been wrestling with some things thru this time in this world as everyone, Just yesterday confessing to someone how when I take my focus from Jesus to circumstances and my own powerlessness….
    My eyes are on Him.
    Every good and true thing in me is all Him
    Without Him I can’t be of any help to anyone. All my heart wants is to help.
    Not my will but the Father’s and I can’t know His will if I’m not spending time discussing it with Him, seeking Him.


    • Hey GIRL!!!
      Sorry it took me so long to respond!! YES you got it!!! Especially in these insane times!! Cling tightly to His Word!! He is SPEAKING through it!!


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