Breaking Point

The Lord started to press Georgia (NG2NP) onto my heart. I didn’t know why, I barely knew her at the time, oh boy do I know now. I was in a relationship that was destroying me. It was just one in a long line of the same. I was empty, depressed, broken, angry, bitter and acting like an abused animal, snappy and unforgiving. I thought I was protecting myself, but the truth is I was operating in fear and reliving previous experiences and subconsciously trying to control and manipulate everything around me. I finally reached my breaking point one night at church and it drove me right into the arms of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path and ultimately back to the Lord God. I fought “inner healing” for a long time, but I could finally see that I needed to lose myself from the chains of bondage that had created and perpetuated all the ugly lifestyles I had grown accustomed to.

While I was going through my weekend through “The Gate” at “The Fortress,” the Lord broke off all the chains of insufficiency, violence, sexual sin, manipulation, false guilt, religiosity, control and hyper independence. My relationship with Holy Spirit is restored. He is teaching me how to love correctly, how to be obedient, how to be a child of God and how to minister to my brothers and sisters in Christ in His Kingdom. He is finally a good enough reason for me to be moved. Thank You Jesus for liberty in subjection to righteousness!

Today in my restoration, I am MUCH more Kingdom-centered. Patient and forgiving, I see other people’s hurts more clearly, and my heart breaks for them. My hearing the still small voice of the Holy Spirit has been renewed, and my obedience increases daily, my repentance expeditious. My prayer life has also increased as I’ve yielded to the guidance of Holy Spirit.

I would highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to any weary warrior. All believers should do this, especially if they are spirit-filled and feeling distant from the Lord. I would say, “remove the blockage! RECONNECT!” My NG2NP After Care Ministers were edifying and encouraging and critical to my successful redemption. It’s important to note, I am not easily swayed, and I know without a shadow of ANY doubt my Lord used these ladies and this Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry to edify my spirit and usher forth Kingdom crafted liberty and truth in my life. I am incredibly grateful and completely set free.

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