Don’t entertain what’s not from God

Its so good when you get to the point in your GOD journey with the Holy Spirit that you know you have to wait on Gods perfect timing. The test is surely in the waiting.He doesn’t have to prove to us that He has gone before us, that’s a matter of faith. We must know that he has done all He said He would do..The test is in the waiting.

Bad situations will come and go and they can cause us to focus and even fixate on, what clearly is not from Him. Our skewed perceptions are what we tend to focus on which of course causes everything around us to come crashing down. Perceptions are lies and they cause us to see things from twisted perspectives at best.

Make sure that whatever situation is trying to drag you down sent from the father of lies, that you choose to respond rightly and not react to whatever is coming at you. Reactions tend to come from the soul that is mind, will and emotions and not from the spirit of God in you. Scripture is critical in your responses..Pray in the spirit and ask for discernment. The answers you are seeking may be right in front of you.

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