Our worship….a sweet fragrance….

Your greatest battles produces your greatest victories.” – HS

Mark 16;  Luke 24 & John 20 “Jesus has risen”

The Resurrection of Jesus

Luke 24  TPT  Very early that Sunday morning, the women made their way to the tomb, carrying the spices they had prepared. Among them were Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Jesus’ mother Mary. Arriving at the tomb they discovered that the huge stone covering the entrance had been rolled aside, so they went in to look. But the tomb was empty. The body of Jesus was gone!

They stood there, stunned and perplexed. Suddenly, two men appeared above them in dazzling white robes shining like lightning. Terrified, the women fell to the ground on their faces.

The men in white said to them, “Why would you look for the Living One in a tomb? He is not here, for he has risen! 6 “Have you forgotten what he said to you while he was still in Galilee:”‘The destiny of the Son of Man is to be handed over to sinful men, to be nailed to a cross, and on the third day to rise again’?”All at once they remembered his words.

Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges

Ch. Mark 16:1-8. )

1. And when the sabbath was past] Friday night, Saturday, and Saturday night passed away, three days according to the Jewish reckoning 


(John 2:19 Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.”)

 and He, Who had truly died, lay also truly buried.

[bought sweet spices]  

The  holy women, whom a love stronger than death had drawn to observe the spot on the evening of His burial, had returned in order that they might complete the embalming of the Body, which had necessarily been done in haste, as the Sabbath drew on (Luke 23:54). The body being ruled in nothing but a mixture of myrrh and aloes brought by Nicodemus. The women Agreed among themselves to come when the Sabbath was passed and embalm their dead Lord by anointing and swathing him in a “proper manner.” Some translations say they brought  “sweet spices“ (759 STRONGS scented oils & perfumes) that the women might come and anoint him with  affection and honor as customary in Israel to be tenderly and carefully done at the tomb.

              This is worship.

  • There is a demand that has been placed, a demand on His  body of Christ, that demand is to  love; one  another and love Jesus more.. through worship. A sweet fragrance for Him.