Mission Statement And Vision Statement

Set free

Mission & Vision Statement

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry (NG2NP) is a  “2 day, 16-18 hour” intensive ministry tool used to examine generational mindsets, ungodly beliefs and associated repeating patterns that may hinder you from growing in the will and purposes of God. These mindsets become strongholds that entrap us. These strongholds and soul-ties become revealed and conquered during your NG2NP sessions. You will be made aware of how essential it is to renew your mind in your walk with Jesus. NG2NP through teaching, prayer and declaration, seeks to actively change the way we THINK, SEE and SPEAK about ourselves according to scripture. You will leave with your NEW “True Identity” in Christ. Obtaining a transformed life through the NG2NP process, you will feel  released and empowered in the  anointing of the Holy Spirit enabling you to walk more peacefully and with more power, love and with a sound mind.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is raising up wounded warriors and creating new  bold believers for the future of the Gospel. Healed and whole, courageously discipling the next generation about the truth of successfully living out God’s Word.

We are awake, determined, revived and ACTIVATED for the mission field of today.

NG2NP Ministry team believe wholeheartedly in Philippians 2:12-13, working out our salvation together. We are a safe confidential place where discipleship is created.

NG2NP is a 2-day 16-18 hour process. There is no fee for the NG2NP experience, as our hearts beat to see the body of Christ set free.

Love offerings are accepted through cash app $NG2NP

NG2NP facilitators are under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit. We are not licensed counselors, though ALL LEAD Ministers are trained and ordained. We minister out of God’s Holy Word for application and direction in life. All facilitators have been through “The Gate.”

 **The level of restoration and reconciliation received by a NG2NP participant, is directly affected by their ability to yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and completely unique to their life story.**

(Arrangements can be made ahead of time, and are recommended, to stay at the NG2NP “Fortress” overnight if necessary.)