My Passion Unleashed

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry was the final piece in my deliverance after 13 years of intense spiritual battles. The first step was choosing Jesus, the second was my deliberate decision to leave a past of abuse, control and total ungodliness. Choosing Jesus 15 years ago, I was determined to never look back, but, all the while I felt a constant pulling, it was a struggle that tied me to the very things I left behind. I knew I wasn’t fully free.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry facilitators through the Holy Spirit, one by one, removed and severed all ties that held me bound captive to my past. Those ties held me back from my future in The Kingdom that God has for me.

My biggest breakthrough was tied to my confidence in Jesus and my salvation which the enemy took great effort in trying to distort in the past. Since my NG2NP experience, my spiritual passion for God has been unbound and unleashed like never before! Finally I am walking forward with a boldness and power in Christ that I have never embraced on this level before.

The words God gave me during my sessions were defended, vindicated, accepted and chosen. These were NOT just words on a page. Perseverance is what I DO IN CHRIST. My story exemplifies Isaiah 61:3. The Lord has given me a crown of beauty for ashes. Only now, can The Lord begin to do a work in me for the purposes of my assignments in The Kingdom of God.

Thank you to ALL the women of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry who with Spiritual discernment and love, facilitated what God and The Holy Spirit accomplished through me. The Ministry team treated me with love, compassion and kindness. They were intent on helping me get free. They were detailed and thorough. As soon as I received my application, I could feel the intercession that is a part of this ministry. It was powerful and necessary. They walked me through, step by step with great understanding, the nature of spiritual battle I was in and then they gave me the tools I needed to equip me for battles to come. The NG2NP After Care Team were consistent and I felt their prayers. They followed up with me every morning and evening as I renewed my mind.

Today I KNOW who I am in Christ. I hear The Holy Spirit whisper gently and lovingly to me about my future. I have peace and I AM STRONG.

I would recommend this Ministry to anyone who wants to truly break free from the ties of the past. You must have enough insight to recognize you are not free. You must also have some level of spiritual awareness and understanding of spiritual warfare to “want” to fight for your life. When the Holy Spirit has exposed those things to you, expect the unexpected. Allow the Holy Spirit and the Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Team to do their work. Then, you will be free like you never imagined.

Holy Spirit in me

My world was spiraling out of control. I could no longer hear the voice of the Lord and I felt I was losing everything I held dear. The only consistent thing was hearing about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. Three times, by three women in three years… It seemed as though there was something more than mere coincidence happening in the middle of this horrible storm. I absolutely knew The Lord was speaking to me, I had to get help. My traumas were increasing and involving those I love dearly. I had to make a change, I had to get through “The Gate,” I also knew I was at my very end and that I had lost all control. I knew it was a matter of life and death.

I am so grateful to the NG2NP team. Their love and compassion made me feel very comfortable and made it easy for me to share my story. I appreciate the realness of them. I felt a strong connection to my facilitators, and I was amazed at the common thread I actually had with one of them. Holy Spirit is amazing. I felt safe, understood and more importantly, I knew my deepest traumatic experiences would be kept confidential. Sexual sins and soul ties wrapped in anxiety and depression formed strongholds over time that I could not unwind. Suddenly seemingly, about halfway through my first day’s session, I had an amazing revelation with Holy Spirit and, maybe miraculously, I was made aware of Him inside me like never before. I can honestly say the he convicts me now more and more. I actually am very grateful for this because before I didn’t feel Him at all. Now if I begin to feel overwhelmed, I understand to begin praying and trusting Jesus more. In turn, I’m dealing with people better, and my boss said I’m more present at work and more mentally accurate! Holy Spirit is leading me as I pray. He is giving me intuition, leading me to and from things. He’s giving me direction.

I have also begun a new response when I’m feeling pressure. I grab my NG2NP affirmations, read and pray. Almost immediately I feel better. I start to pray and it calms me and gives me peace. I’m also grateful for the NG2NP After Care team who text me daily. I get very busy and their reminders I find very helpful. Their reminders kept me on track and encouraged me when I felt like brushing it off motivating me to press through. Now, it’s become routine. They also were always there to pray with me.

Today, I am praying more, feeling God’s presence more, spending time with Him and attending church regularly. I’m looking forward to growing more and learning more about Him.

If I were to recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to someone I would say, If you want freedom from bondage then this is where you need to be. I feel lighter and happier. I believe, I am able to handle life better. 

Issues Of The Heart

When I came to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I had walked with the Lord for 2o years. I knew I was forgiven, but I still had issues of the heart in which I still found my self returning to my lustful and adulterous ways with men other than my husband. I travel, so there were plenty of opportunities. I knew it was wrong, but somehow I kept falling into sin. I couldn’t handle it myself and it was affecting every area of my life, even my sleep which was tormented and restless. I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to help me get rid of my behaviors. That night I had a very real dream that directed me to reach out to my friend who is the Director of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. During my NG2NP sessions The Holy Spirit clearly showed me that because of my past, I have issues of abandonment coupled with Generational Curses and several other issues that cause me to respond and act out in ungodly ways. Shocking to me as I know the Word of God but was clearly not able to apply it to my own life.

I am so grateful to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path! I would not have been able to find freedom from the lifestyle that kept me held in bondage with its lies and deceit, I needed this Ministry.

I recommend NG2NP to all people because you don’t realize that hurts and habits , past and current can become curses that you may repeat because of un-forgiveness and pain. It is a must if you want healing and restoration. Jesus forgave all our sins at the cross, so we must do the same..The power in that understanding is more than we could comprehend. I ask that you reach out to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path if you want healing and Freedom and to be an overcomer by the Blood Of Jesus.

Today I KNOW that I am forgiven a very deep level. I have great peace in my soul and spirit, I know I am loved. I no longer have night terrors or unforgiveness…I walk and sleep in peace. I believe this ministry is essential for a life’s journey of total victory for God’s Kingdom. We all need to go through “The Gate” to get delivered from what you might not know you have.

Free Indeed

I found Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry after a two year long healing journey. I knew there was more to do in the realm of the Spirit for my healing and I felt sure, I was blocked by what be known as generational sins. 

I had no idea what to expect, but NG2NP opened my eyes to understand how “oppressions, strongholds and soul-ties” can connect to your soul through your bloodline and also through difficult life experiences and traumatic relationships.

I have learned a deeply powerful skill of renouncing these vows and curses. I have learned that I have truly been given the authority and power to declare God’s Truth over my own life. I feel worthy and sought after by The Holy Spirit. Through this understanding, I now see myself in my True Identity in Christ. The identity that God created in me!

I also now can see lies, curses and the enemy’s attacks in my past. When memories arise that may have negatively affected me in the past, I know how to quickly renounce them instead of allowing them to hold me back.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has brought me to a new spiritual level and completely reformed my identity. It has truly transformed the path I am on, moving me forward to create the space needed for God’s purposes for me to be fully developed.

My NG2NP Ministry team was welcoming. I felt loved and protected. I knew I was in a safe place. They were generous with kind spirits; I was very relaxed. They spent a great deal of time teaching, explaining and guiding me through each process. They made my experience much easier, less scary sharing relatable life stories of their own. They were amazing.

I absolutely would recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. We all have need for deep healing and although it can be scary to look back at past traumas and hurts, what’s scarier to me, is that it will block us from all that God has instore for our lives. NG2NP is a safe place to learn how the enemy of our souls can hold us captive through situations that become strongholds. Through Narrow Gate I have learned to identify these strongholds and soul ties, repent of them and renounce them and immediately walk into freedom in the Holy Spirit. The Cross already paid the price for my closer connection to God, this my soul knows very well.


The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed Jesus. That truth was implanted in me as a child, I knew I needed to find Him. My first experience learning of God, was through a play about heaven and hell, fire and brimstone. This absolutely shaped my distorted image of God, and that image was of absolute terror and fear. It shaped my beliefs of Him, it shaped my life. Until now.

My early child was marked by abuse. Physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuses. These things were the theme in my home, on a daily basis. Some of those events have left a deep wounds in my soul. My life continued to spiral with people coming and going, helping and then hurting. I found myself in a “loving Christian home” with a couple who said they wanted to help me, and at that time I gave my heart to the Lord. But it wasn’t until I audibly heard Jesus call my name that I actually began looking for relief. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to find Him. My adopted family told me God told them “we no longer are to be your family” so once again, I found myself alone and searching for love. I began surfing the internet, but was sucked deep into the new age realm which caused doors to open and, I spiraled out of control again. Fear coupled with anxiety, nightmares and torment, forced me to spend time in God’s Word which drew me closer to Jesus, but there were doors I had opened that I just didn’t know how to close. I felt caged. I was so broken, fearful and unworthy; how could Jesus ever love me…Then, Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path agreed to help me. They stepped in and led me to look at my life which really allowed me to see it from a different angle, one I had never seen before. My NG2NP sessions showed me how to understand the importance of forgiveness, to forgive like Jesus, even those who had hurt me so horribly. But mostly, it allowed me to accept Jesus. My sessions showed me how His work on the cross means I need to forgive myself. Narrow Gate helped me to be able to close the door of shame and guilt and to walk in my True Identity in Christ. In Jesus Christ I am truly free.

I am so grateful, thank you Narrow Gate! No more weights no more shame, no more caging myself. This ministry was truly effective in helping me to understand and apply the love of Jesus, the cross and His blood to my life and set me free from all the lies and schemes of the enemy. My ministry team were kind, attentive and nonjudgmental. They encouraged me through the harder moments and spoke life pulling me through the most difficult memories.

I absolutely would recommend NG2NP to anyone. I think everyone would benefit from their own personal Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path experience. My sessions were incredibly helpful assisting me in looking at fears and strongholds that needed to be broken off. Having the NG2NP After Care Ministry team for prayer and encouragement was an amazing asset. Finding the peace and confidence to go directly to Jesus and to trust in His complete love for me has changed my life forever.

Thank you, Narrow Gate2 Narrow Path! Thank You Jesus! I am free!


For the past few months, I have been feeling “stuck.” Stuck in my spiritual walk stuck in my stress, stuck in my past, stuck in my feelings, just stuck in general. I was struggling with so much anxiety, I never wanted to leave my house. I had stopped eating all together because every time I ate, I was so sick within minutes of my first bite. I was not sleeping but a couple hours per night. Every time I laid in bed and the lights went out and the noise stopped; I would struggle breathing. It’s like the life was being completely sucked out of me and my breath was being stolen from me. I would dream (for the few hours I slept) of my past. I would wake up tired and hungry. My soul was exhausted and my spirit was starving. My past was constantly on my mind. I am not sure why it all came to the surface when it did. I thought I had dealt with it all. I thought I had forgiven myself and others. Perhaps it was being stuck in the house and having to get alone with myself. (I had always stayed busy so this was new to me.) Perhaps it was the spiritual warfare going on in the world and in our country. Perhaps it was the constant fear being thrown in our faces on the news and on social media. Never the less, I am grateful it all surfaced.

My two days with Narrow Gate was incredible. It was completely led by the Holy Spirit. There were things that came up I hadn’t even realized were issues in my life. Soul ties, unforgiveness towards myself, unforgiveness towards my parents, unworthiness, generational curses, bitter roots, judgements etc. Would these things have been dealt with eventually? Maybe, but I was done suffering and I was done feeling stuck. I wanted my relationships with God, myself, my husband, my children and everyone else in my life to be free. I wanted to be free and whole

After the first day, I was able to eat an entire Whopper and fries. That may seem small but for months I had only been able to eat 2-3 bites of food PER DAY! I kept thinking “I should stop so I don’t get sick.” Once again this was huge for me and the first thing I noticed had changed. Later, I went to bed prepared to stare at the ceiling for the next 5-6 hours before I crashed. I woke up the next morning feeling AMAZING! I have slept well every single night since. I have been able to eat full meals and I feel good again.

The anxiety: I have not had any trouble with anxiety since my NG2NP sessions. I have felt a constant peace over me no matter what is going on. I would say I feel like myself again, but I never wish to feel how I used to feel. I feel like a better version of myself, better than ever before.

I have always believed that we are responsible for our own issues and that we are capable of working it out with God ourselves. While I know this is true and I know God works on us individually and personally, God also works through others. My biggest problem was the fact that I had been trying to handle all of this on my own and through my own strength and ability. I didn’t know how not to. I believe my biggest breakthrough was the freedom from legalism. Legalism meaning, I had a huge lie rooted in my belief system that I didn’t even know was there. I believed God wouldn’t love me if I wasn’t perfect and if I didn’t do everything perfectly. I knew that wasn’t “truth” and I would have told anyone else who believed that how untrue it was, but for me personally, it was my truth. My Narrow Gate facilitators were great. They didn’t rush me to see this lie in my life, but they gently guided me as The Lord led.  They were patient and kind; not once did I feel judged. It was the best!

Most importantly, I hear the Holy Spirit speaking to me again, I know He is drawing me in, I haven’t felt that in years. Obviously, this isn’t the end all but it is and amazing start. There are things I will continue to work out with God and I am sure more will come up, but I am equipped and empowered and I cant wait to see what God does next.

Called To An Encounter

 I lost my fiancé one year ago this month, October. 

When he died, it caused me to spiral down into a deep depression. 

A month before I met the girls at NG2NP, I had hit the bottom. I was so lost, so broken, and I felt like God was done with me. My heart was rotten, I had nothing to live for, I bought into the lie. I believed no one would miss me.

One day in July, I decided to take my life. I wrote letters to my family members, and then decided to take a bunch of pills. I prayed that I would wake up in heaven; but instead, I woke up 12 hours later, still alive.  I feared the pain would never go away. I was forced to come clean with my family about my suicide attempt. 

Somehow through it all, God brought Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path onto MY PATH. I was desperate to be free. Desperate to have a move of God in my life that would take away my pain. Losing my Fiancé triggered me to the core of my being. In my sessions, I discovered I was angry at God, and I discovered how much He adores me.

In my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions I had the most amazing encounters with Jesus. I saw Him, I felt Him, He spoke to me, He encouraged me and most importantly, I now know, He loves and forgives me completely. Today, I love spending time with The Holy Spirit, reading His Word daily, I hear from Him daily, and I’m dreaming more! 

My Narrow Gate facilitators made me feel incredibly comfortable. I was able to relive events in my life in a safe space. I have never felt so safe to share my story and my heart. This enabled Holy Spirit to heal and bring freedom to areas in my life I swore I would take to my grave. I have never felt so free. It was clear to me my facilitators hear from The Holy Spirit. They took time to listen and understand my heritage and my culture. They were quick to compassionately research where I was coming from and quick to obey The Lords promptings. I have participated in different healing ministries for almost 10 years. I am so thankful. These mighty women are spiritually prepared for what God wanted to do in and through them so I could be set-free! The Lord also revealed wounded areas in my soul from the demons of my past that I had forgotten.When I walked through the doors at NG2NP, I was a mess, but I was ready to be changed. Today I can honestly say I’m free from the burden of my past, and I know I’m accepted by my Father in Heaven. My attitude has shifted. My mental health is stable with no more suicidal thoughts or deep sadness. Instead of pain and sadness, I have peace and hope. After my 2-day NG2NP sessions, I can say I’m grateful for hitting a place of deep desperation so I could have this amazing encounter with My Lord, it has forever changed my life. I now stand today knowing, the best is yet to come. I will never be the same. 

Seeing Clearly

I was referred to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path by a friend that I trust. 

For the past 5 years, situations and circumstances have caused me to react by isolating and pulling away from any conflict or confrontation. I felt intimidated by women and I made it a point not trust them, or any “person” for that matter. I knew and I felt myself in literal bondage quickly slipping into depression and anxiety. I was stuck and I knew I had to reach out for help. 

After my 2 day NG2NP session, I no longer feel the need to isolate or distrust. It’s amazing the peace I feel! In my sessions I had such an encounter with The Holy Spirit. He knew exactly how   pain and trauma from my past experiences had affected me. More importantly, He knew how to “heal” and “seal” those emotional wounds. My relationship with The Holy Spirit before was not activated and my relationship with my church family suffered because of it. Today my relationship with The Holy Spirit is extremely close! I know He is directing my path every step of the way. My eyes are wide open and He continues to show me things I need to see, healing me from the things of the past and the resulting hurts from those relationships.  It’s a journey with Jesus and I am ready!

Today, I feel like a new woman! I no longer am prompted to isolate myself. I actually started a female motorcycle riding club in my area. We go for rides after church on Sundays. I have also begun the process of joining the worship team at my church. In these endeavors, I have come in contact with multiple women. I have such confidence now!!  Confidence I did NOT have before! It’s surprising to me!! I am walking in complete freedom! I have a tremendous amount of peace in everything I do because I KNOW He is leading me. I no longer feel depressed or like I need to isolate myself from people or life. I am learning to trust more every day. My new motto is “to have a friend, you must be a friend.”

In this Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path journey, Jesus has shown me the importance of forgiveness. He has led me to women I have relationships with so that I can ask for forgiveness. Women whom I held grudges against. I now understand and respect the power of true repentance and forgiveness and I see that I truly have a passion and compassion to minister to women. 

 The bondages of sin and death in my life are cancelled. My heart today is for women…I want to build them up in Jesus, and help them heal. Greater than ever before I see the future for me and my kids is bright, and that my experiences in life have been used by God for God. 

I see Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Dark to Light

dark to ligh2

I feel such peace in my soul. A peace I never thought possible or available to me. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has given me the most amazing opportunity to empty out all of me, and refill with the Holy Spirit. This amazing journey of breaking through severe, lifelong judgement and hatred toward someone close to me, and transformed it supernaturally into a compassion like Christ had. The guilt and shame I carried for years in reference to this particular relationship is absolutely gone. The way I viewed myself because of this relationship, even after salvation, caused me to continually “return to my vomit,” time and time again, even 3 weeks prior to my NG2NP session. My sin held me captive. I was STUCK. I now know I had never fully received deliverance or freedom from years of sin.
Today I literally feel weightless. It’s been a month since my transformation and I still feel peace. I have never been so happy and free, and so grateful for every minute of life. I have truly come into the light and truth of God’s Word and His promises for me. His Wisdom and Knowledge cause me to believe He has a plan and a purpose for my life. My future is bright!
I have had great physical struggles in the past few years. My knees were in so much pain, it hurt to do even simple things like walk or sit. After my Narrow Gate sessions, I suddenly discovered my pain was gone. Not just physical pain, but I now am able to get down on my knees to pray several times a day if needed AND GET BACK UP! It truly is a miracle Praise God!! I also had very tormented sleep and never really “rested” during sleep or when awake. Now I sleep like a baby. No more sleeping pills, no more depressants and NO SYMPTOMS of depression. I am HEALED.
My Spirit man is growing, I can feel it. I no longer feed my flesh constantly. My son noticed right away when I got home. He said “something is different about you mom, and it’s GOOD!” My daughter felt and saw a peace and a joy on and in me that had not ever been there before. “It’s about time” she said. Freedom is all over me! There is a new peace and love between us.
Love is what has changed me. Love is literally inside of me, maybe the first time in my life. A deeper true Godly love, I have never had before. God through Jesus, put that love in my heart, He set me free from the bondage of sin and death. He has placed me here for such a time as this. My past testimony of death and destruction is now one of reconciliation, redemption and restoration. I am loved, and I love me. My story will be told, retold and used for the Glory of God.
My NG2NP Team was amazing. I’m not sure I have the words to express my thankfulness to the whole team. I needed healing and deliverance. I could never have done it myself. I never knew this level of freedom I now have obtained was available. I now have power and authority through Christ. My NG2NP After- Care Ministers, were faithful and true. Daily, offering and sharing Gods truth through His Word for me. They were so so encouraging.
MyNG2NP session facilitators treated me with compassion and kindness. A Godly love wrapped in respect. Honestly sharing from their open hearts. They have a God given desire to see women delivered from whatever has them bound. I highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to any woman who is sincerely searching for her True Identity in Christ and is willing to fight for her own personal freedom. It will absolutely change your life. Pray, seek God and you will know if He is leading you to The Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.

Safe In His Arms


I came from a country where civil war had become a way of life. The regime was ruling and my countrymen were literally fighting for their lives. I found myself caught in the middle at a very young age. My country destroyed and my identity along with it. I found myself in an endless battle against myself which only bled on others around me.

I heard about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path several years ago. It was at that time I knew the Lord was leading me. But the fear which I now know had become part of me, had gripped tightly. Fear of what I believed was the truth, fear of the truth of my past and the fear of not being accepted because of the exposure was strangling my spirit, soul and body. It’s hold expressed in a heavy depression.

After my NG2NP session I can say the greatest gift I have received is PEACE. His peace that covers me is unbelievable and undeniable. His peace and hope now established. All the while I knew His peace was missing, seemingly unattainable, but now it stays with me all through life’s ups and downs . The shame and guilt I had carried from past generations that told me I wasn’t good enough, is gone. I have a much deeper understanding of the weight of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and exactly what that means for ME. Now because of that, I feel weightless in His presence. I feel protected and safe. I hold close the understanding of His deep love and forgiveness I choose to pass it on to my future generations.

Before my NG2NP session, I wasn’t comfortable saying “no” or having an opinion. Now, I feel more independent. I have strength in my decisions. No is ok and I feel free in my choices and consequences because they are mine. I have actually realized my reactions to situations and I am now quick to reach out for prayer support.

My NG2NP Ministry team was and continues to be amazing through NG2NP After-Care. I was amazed at how my facilitators identified with my situation. The Holy Spirit was absolutely evident in the room and I felt secure in the assurance of His presence. I believed, apprehended and grabbed hold of His presence and His truth. My NG2NP After-Care Team have been incredibly supportive. I feel so comfortable with their contact. Daily accountability is what I’ve needed to prompt me to transform.

I would highly recommend this ministry to those who are searching for a deeper relationship with Christ. If you  know there is more, but feel stuck…Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path is for you, freedom is a day away.