Everything Looks The Same.. I’m Different

I knew there was something “missing” in my walk with Jesus but I could not figure out what it was. I was reading the word and listening to videos. I love my church, I was serving and taking classes. I was volunteering to drive people to church who were unable to drive themselves… All the right stuff, right?

I heard about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry at my bible study and I prayed about going. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to NG2NP and He helped me to complete it.

I knew my past and my poor choices had kept me from the Lord for a very long time but when I finally surrendered and was baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit, I felt I had “arrived.” Then why did I still feel inadequate, self-conscious, ashamed.. like an outsider?

My two day experience with the Holy Spirit and my NG2NP facilitators answered that question and many more. I had many false beliefs that needed to be dealt with. The process for dealing with each and every issue was so amazing. I felt the cleansing of my past happening as I sat with my NG2NP facilitators walking through the steps one by one. I felt safe with these women.. I was able to be open and completely honest about my past, and I received healing in ways I could only dream of.

By the end of my second day, I knew I was changed in a drastic way. The moment I stepped outside, I knew!!! Everything looked the same, but EVERYTHING was different. I was different.

My relationships immediately started to shift. I began to speak differently to my loved ones, I spoke truth in love. Holy Spirit was now able to flow through me in a way He hadn’t been able to because of blockages from my false beliefs. A few days after my NG2NP weekend, God gave me a vision. I saw plumbing pipes, long and winding downward, but they were glass pipes and you could see the clogs at every bend, 6 or more clogs. Dirty, yucky clogs that couldn’t budge. Then I saw water start to flow down through these pipes (I knew it was Living Water) and one by one, the clogs were being pushed through the pipes. When the water reached the last clog, it blew out like a trumpet being blown and the feeling of freedom came rushing over me. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I was truly cleansed from my past !!!!

I know now that all those prayers I said, crying out to the Lord “I believe in you Lord. Guide me to the next step,” have been answered. I want to know God’s will for me and I surrender to His plans.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has been life changing for me. I constantly feel the Spirit inside of me and my relationship with Jesus is getting better every day. I will be eternally grateful to God for this ministry.

I would absolutely recommend NG2NP. Things that keep us tied to our old junk from life, our sins, can really affect us. If you feel disconnected or not as close to Jesus as you want to be, Narrow Gate will help you to break off all the chains and connect you to your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ Jesus and YOU WILL be changed!! I have realized and belive in HIS great LOVE for me!!

Clean And At Peace

Its amazing how clean and at peace I have been since going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry. Breaking off chains and generational curses was so powerful. I could actually “feel” a physical weight being lifted from of me. I honestly did not realize the constant fear I had been carrying associated to those now broken off generational sins and curses. You could absolutely tell there was a war for my soul going on in that room and Jesus always wins!!

Recognizing the judgements I had made about people in my life because of past hurts, was another HUGE revelation for me. The release and repentance of those judgements has really helped me to have a new love for people. I have more boldness and courage to lay hands and pray for them.

NG2NP ministers asked me to ask someone to cover me in prayer as I walked my narrow path session. My prayer partner told me as she prayed she saw an angel of the Lord over me who said “do not be afraid, you will receive what you are looking for, new life tools, wisdom, peace and more of the character of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Chains will be broken in the powerful name of Jesus.” and THAT is EXACTLY what happened.

My NG2NP experience was truly amazing. I felt safe, I knew I wouldn’t be judged and I felt very comfortable to share what I needed to with my facilitators. Fear was broken off and a new view of how I’m seen in my Father’s eyes in Christ has now settled and abides in me, I have received His deeper love. There is so much peace that surrounds me. I have more confidence in my relationships with my family and friends. I understand all my cares and worries go straight to Jesus, what freedom! Now I know I’m hearing from Holy Spirit more clearly with out any doubt. I also have a renewed hunger and desire for the Word of God. I am SO grateful!

My NG2NP After Care ministers are such sweet women. They really help to remind me to renew my mind daily by reading my affirmations. I am VERY aware that this is vital as I continue to walk out the deliverance I received, reminding myself all the time of His truths toward me.

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry to anyone! There is so much freedom and peace when the chains are fully broken off and then you can see who you truly are in Christ, through His eyes.

Stepping Into Intimacy

I came to Narrow Gate desiring intimacy with the Lord. After 10 years of walking with Jesus, I couldn’t understand why I felt so distant from Him and why I would turn to others before seeking the Lord when confronted with a problem or decision. I had studied the Word, I had sat in church faithfully for years, I had prayed. I had listened to countless sermons and traveled the country to surround myself with people that were on fire for the Lord, I was even baptized in the Holy Spirit, yet I still felt like an outsider when it really came to knowing my heavenly Father. I remember crying out to the Lord one morning, “why are you so distant from me? Why can’t I hear or feel your Presence like I used to?” and immediately I heard in my heart “you have a problem with intimacy.”

His answer brought me to NG2NP. The experience I had with Holy Spirit during that 2 day inner healing/deliverance immersion changed me forever. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I AM FREE! Free from negative patterns of thinking, free from unforgiveness I wasn’t aware I was harboring, free from the double mindedness that has plagued me, and finally FREE to have the relationship that He wants to have with ALL His children. The healing and revelation I received from the Holy Spirit was the key to me stepping into intimacy with Him. I finally understood that my upbringing, my life experiences and the ways of the world, had shaped belief systems in me and were completely opposed to those of the Kingdom. What I came to understand is, the Lord has never ceased speaking to me, He has never left me, It was my belief systems that were getting in the way of hearing Him clearly. Once those strongholds were torn down, the barriers were completely removed. My mind finally came into agreement with the Truth that I have always known in my heart. Holy Spirit is quickly becoming my closest friend. I can now pray and ask Him to fill me, help me, lead me without questioning, doubting or thinking He won’t respond, He always does, but I finally believe it!

I am so grateful to this incredible Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path team.They treated me like a daughter, I felt loved, safe and free to be vulnerable. Their wisdom and discernment helped guide my deliverance and healing. Im so grateful for these two godly women who chose to lead me through “The Gate.” They are SOLD OUT to Jesus and it is in this complete surrender and desire to serve the Lord that their giftings flow so powerfully and effectively. The Holy Spirit led my ENTIRE experience because of the yielding of my team. The whole NG2NP team has yielded so wholeheartedly to the Holy Spirit, sewing their time and giftings into this ministry. As vessels of the Lord, my facilitators led me to being so powerfully delivered and healed. I finally understand what it means to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind!”

Found My Voice Again

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry has literally lifted a weight off my shoulders. It is true that walking with Christ, there is freedom. However, we can choose or deny His Lordship over portions of our lives. This is where we can either knowingly or unknowingly be bound. If you experience hinderance and uncommon frustrations in your purpose or with the people in your life, consider a deeper healing with Holy Spirit. NG2NP facilitators are trained and anointed to walk with you through healing and growth. Not only do I feel free from deep seeded hurt and roots, I am more empowered with tools to grow and defend from old patterns that held my future captive. Thank you NG2NP team for your care and accountability.

I was so welcomed, nutured and supported before, during and after my sessions. The promtps from my NG2NP After Care team helped me complete my Narrow Gate affirmations. They were very helpful. It has helped me be more keen in my relationship with Holy Spirit. I am moved more on the “little” or the “simple” things, we laugh a lot together. I hold less weight in being accepted or understood. I have great peace. Narrow Gate has given me tools to help me keep my defenses ready and to grow more deeply with Holy Spirit. Now I have freedom that guides me to know how and when to be available for others. It has given me clearer insights into my purpose.

I can’t believe how much triage I needed by the end of day one. It was as a cloud lifted and I could see layers of build up and toxicity that I had normalized. I feel I have found my voice again. I am learning to tune it by Holy Spirit. Also, I am more able to turn down the noise and shelter under His Peace while He takes victory in my battles!

I would recommend NG2NP to ones who have an active relationship with Holy Spirit. The deep work happens in our sessions, but it is just the beginning of the real work to replace the deep demonic roots that use to take domain. I am so blessed to have met and been a part of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry.

Living Loving Being Loved

There is so much in our lives holding us back. So much we don’t know or remember that affects us daily. We go through life unaware. But it truly can all be released.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions opened my eyes to so much, most importantly my relationship with Holy Spirit. I have spent years asking and asking Him for deeper intimacy not understanding that it was my shame, abandonment, unworthiness, un-forgiveness, generational curses and bondages that kept me from hearing Him clearly. I realize now that these issues also have affected every area of my life. Several days after my NG2NP sessions, I felt so free, I actually picked up the phone and called the adoption agency to find out about the son I adopted out more than decade ago. I received an update and several pictures. I would have NEVER done that before my Narrow Gate sessions. I allowed shame and unworthiness to block me from even asking about him. What a beautiful unbelievable gift this has been to me.

My whole life has changed. I feel a sense of self-worth I have never experienced before. I feel peace and joy all over me. I actually believe I have a relationship and a closeness with Jesus now! Everything I do is an adventure. Even going into a diner, which before I wouldn’t have done, I would have gone through the drive-through, but now I look forward to speaking to people about God’s GREAT forgiveness! Slower to react, I give myself longer pauses to respond through the Holy Spirit to know my next actions, words or path.

The Wednesday before my session, a lady from my church came and embraced me. She repeated this word to me “EVERYTHING” looking back on that moment I know it was the Holy Spirit speaking through her, I know it was HIM, JESUS holding me..that was His word to me, He continues to share with me, and so MUCH MORE!!

My NG2NP team from my facilitators to my After-Care team were/are, as I am still in my 40 days of transforming my mind, tender, loving, kind, patient and encouraging. I was told each and everyone of them have been through this NG2NP process so they are sensitive to it and it shows in each of them. I feel heard and encouraged in moving forward in my life with Christ.

I’m so grateful to God for this opportunity, it has truly opened up such freedom and boldness in me to speak of the goodness of God in my life. Before my NG2NP sessions I would feel guarded with every conversation, now I know I’m free to speak because I’m forgiven, I’m loved. I have an amazing testimony that I look forward to sharing with anyone! I have a new security in Him and I will share what I believe I hear Holy Spirit saying to me. Scriptures just pop into my spirit now!

This is my freedom, living, loving and BEING LOVED!!

God Intended All Along

My greatest Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path breakthrough was learning, understanding and then knowing, that years of ancestral curses and the associated bondages had been broken off of me and my family. NG2NP lovingly guided me through the process. Forgiving myself and my family for things Holy Spirit brought to my attention during my sessions produced freedom and peace. I can absolutely say I physically felt the demonic ancestral curses leave me. It is so freeing to know and to feel those things leave, this is the Lord’s plan for me. Today I honestly know that He is with me everyday and always! NOW Holy Spirit can move in all the ways He has always planned from my beginning. His plan to move in and through me.

Two weeks after my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions, unfortunately, my mom passed away from cancer. It was so peaceful, my whole family came together in Jesus just as God intended all along. My heart for my mother changed dramatically, I had such an unexplainable compassion for her. I knew she was Jesus’ Oh how He loves her.

The favor My Father has poured out over me in the last few weeks since my NG2NP experience is truly unimaginable, and with everything inside me I KNOW its all because of Jesus! Since my sessions, I find I trust Him to guide me more deeply than ever before. I also know its ok to stumble and even fall because my God is in control not me. Everything I do is in Him. I find I am reading my Word more and learning more! I look forward to reading the Word of God, taking notes and digging in to different versions. I desire to read now, where before, it was a struggle. I also have noticed I find myself in what I can only describe as a state of divine peace every day! I even feel like I actually walk differently, my steps are lighter! I respond from this place of peace now..I’m calm and I actually think more clearly!

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path! This program walks you through your life, and your ancestral past spiritually cleaning out the bloodline from anything that may hinder your walk with the Holy Spirit. Anything that may stop you or hold you captive feeling “stuck,” things that often may block blessings, salvation and the full freedom in Christ and His finished work on the cross. It is an indescribable experience, a revelation that you are chosen by God to be seen as HOLY.

NG2NP is a one of a kind special divine appointment that I was blessed to encounter.

Simply Be Still

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path experience came right when I needed it. Even though I read the word of God daily, I hadn’t been consistent in speaking over myself what God says about me. What I believe to be His truth in my life and who I am in Christ. THIS makes an amazing difference in my day to day life.

Since NG2NP my communication with my family, my spouse and Holy Spirit has grown. All my relationships have increased. I’m hearing God’s voice more clearly, increased dreams and understanding through His Word.

As I journeyed through deeper layers of forgiveness with loved ones, I felt something shift in the spiritual realm that enabled me to speak about my truths while being more comfortable with myself. This newness for me poured into a deeper quiet time that I have now purposefully set aside in the mornings and in the evenings for God alone. He speaks to me, through me and for me, simply to be still with Him. Today I find my trust has increased. I am inclined to take more risks, knowing He’s always with me.

Narrow Gate After-Care along with my affirmations gave me gentle reminders and accountability with encouragement and love reminding me of the importance of renewing my mind. They were always uplifting and supportive. Everyone involved in Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path ministry is encouraging and positive. They all minister from a place of God’s love. I was reminded often that what comes out of my mouth WILL come to pass.

I would definitely recommend NG2NP. It is a unique experience tailored specifically to the individual by the Holy Spirit to the one receiving ministry. One can expect positive outcomes and a breakthrough testimony!!

Out Of The Box

So incredibly grateful for my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience. My relationships with my family members have noticeably improved. Areas where normally we would have enormous friction now are consciously and calmly taken down in temperature. Now, we pray for unity. My NG2NP helped me to understand and communicate more clearly my feelings and responces in situations that may stem from my past and its reactions. NG2NP has helped me see my True Identity in Christ, standing on the truth in who He says I am, and working together and regaining trust. Most exciting is that my kids are seeing me be a more calm and present Father and they are definitely noticing a stronger spiritual leadership in the home.

My relationship with Holy Spirit is also growing stronger. Because I have chosen to surrender to Him, His presence in my life and in my thought patterns are growing more than ever before. Still a process for me to get out of the way, but I have started and have a greater understanding of the importance allowing Him to lead me in ALL areas of my life and relationships. I now have new tools, my NG2NP After Care, that helps me to push back the enemy who used to try to trip me. Consistency with my affirmations has been the biggest and most effective tool. NG2NP After Care is a daily reminder that points me back to the work I accomplished with my ministers. It’s also a very generous and flexible open invitation to continue dialog for me when I need it.

Three positive changes in me would be #1 articulated identity based on prayer from the NG2NP team, the Holy Spirit’s presence during our sessions and the thoughtful work/active listening from my ministers. #2 A great awareness and appreciation of how much my past, dating back through my ancestry, affects me, my relationships, my habits and hangups and those in my family. #3 More grace for myself based on a faithful pursuance of God and an understanding of the work He wants to do in and through me.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry team treated me like family from the moment I started the program. I felt comfortable and reassured that my sessions were safe and private. Most importantly they impressed the importance of prayer and lovingly shared that their team extended much further than the room in the form of a prayer group that prayed for me before, during and after my NG2NP sessions. AWESOME. I could feel it..I physically felt lighter after my sessions, A LOT lighter…and I am seeing the fruit of it in my family. I would highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to anyone who feels boxed in or stuck in life and in your walk with Jesus Christ. That box can leave you feeling tormented. and in constant challenge. NG2NP takes you out of that box and sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to lead you to LIVE in freedom outside the box!

Now A Distant Memory

Going into Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I obviously knew I was there for healing, but never could I have imagined the impact. After my sessions were completed, I texted my husband and he told me he could see a change in me from my text message! After getting home, he tried to poke fun at me, which normally would have gotten my feathers ruffled, but, I didn’t feel that anymore! The trigger was completely gone! People that I have had feelings of un-forgiveness toward in the past I now have complete peace around. Hurts from things and people from my past that were still hanging on and were still bothering me, are gone as well! The heaviness is completely gone! I have this energy that I cannot remember the last time I had! I don’t remember ever feeling this good! I have found such FREEDOM! Stress and anxiety are now a distant memory… and fear IS GONE! I always thought turmoil would be my norm, but that no longer exists as well. I have a security and confidence that I haven’t had in years, if ever.

Everyday I notice something new that has been healed its such a beautiful process. I used to be a very antisocial person, now, I desire to be around others. Also, I really struggled to read my bible or just to read in general, that is ALL GONE! I am so grateful to have taken the step to fro through “The Gate!” Today I have an even greater love for my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say I feel more open to receive and to let Holy Spirit in, so intern I feel Him more and hear Him more. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen in this new place of freedom, there is a NEW FIRE in my soul!

I am so grateful to my NG2NP facilitators and my NG2NP After-Care team. I felt so loved and encouraged. I felt respected and safe. They made me feel like I could completely disarm myself and surrender to the process. Words really can’t describe my Narrow Gate experience, I absolutely knew work was being done but the impact of it all the work did not really show until I was back at home and work etc. TRULY AMAZING!

The freedom I have obtained from NG2NP process is so worth revisiting. Events from the past and its hurts that we may have been holding on to don’t have to stay in our identity. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is such a beautiful, gentle process that I highly recommend to anyone who feels “stuck.” Freedom is a reality.

The Man God Made Me To Be

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has truly excellerated my understanding of many spiritual concepts that were in my belief system but, were not as firmly rooted as they needed to be. NG2NP also introduced me to quite a few more “truths” that I needed to help me to continue in growth and maturity in Christ and to fully become the man God made me to be.

Choosing to go to the Holy Spirit FIRST before offense sets in will result in 3 important truths for me.

1. The spiritual side of an issue will be exposed more quickly to me so I can pray.

2. Seeing the situation from God’s perspective leads me to a position of reinforcement about who I am in Christ and HIS work done for me on the cross.

3. Leads me to a Godly response instead of a worldly reaction. This process prevents me from taking offense and then shuts down any torment I may have expierenced in the past. Trusting the Holy Spirit with every 1st opportunity offense and believing that He will handle them is causing a great growth in my walk with Jesus as well as increasing my intimacy with Holy Spirit.

Today I feel less rushed and at peace. I am content and happy right where I am with Jesus. I feel more significant, mighty and firmly planted in the Lord.

On a scale of 1-10, I give Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry a solid 10. It’s amazing to watch the Holy Spirit show you your past and how it relates to your future by Jesus’ redeeming blood. My NG2NP facilitators used great care and humility as they led me in my sessions.

I would reccomend NG2NP to someone who is already passionately chasing after God and wants more. Someone with an existing foundation in Christ and who is serious about going deeper.