Seeing Clearly

I was referred to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path by a friend that I trust. 

For the past 5 years, situations and circumstances have caused me to react by isolating and pulling away from any conflict or confrontation. I felt intimidated by women and I made it a point not trust them, or any “person” for that matter. I knew and I felt myself in literal bondage quickly slipping into depression and anxiety. I was stuck and I knew I had to reach out for help. 

After my 2 day NG2NP session, I no longer feel the need to isolate or distrust. It’s amazing the peace I feel! In my sessions I had such an encounter with The Holy Spirit. He knew exactly how   pain and trauma from my past experiences had affected me. More importantly, He knew how to “heal” and “seal” those emotional wounds. My relationship with The Holy Spirit before was not activated and my relationship with my church family suffered because of it. Today my relationship with The Holy Spirit is extremely close! I know He is directing my path every step of the way. My eyes are wide open and He continues to show me things I need to see, healing me from the things of the past and the resulting hurts from those relationships.  It’s a journey with Jesus and I am ready!

Today, I feel like a new woman! I no longer am prompted to isolate myself. I actually started a female motorcycle riding club in my area. We go for rides after church on Sundays. I have also begun the process of joining the worship team at my church. In these endeavors, I have come in contact with multiple women. I have such confidence now!!  Confidence I did NOT have before! It’s surprising to me!! I am walking in complete freedom! I have a tremendous amount of peace in everything I do because I KNOW He is leading me. I no longer feel depressed or like I need to isolate myself from people or life. I am learning to trust more every day. My new motto is “to have a friend, you must be a friend.”

In this Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path journey, Jesus has shown me the importance of forgiveness. He has led me to women I have relationships with so that I can ask for forgiveness. Women whom I held grudges against. I now understand and respect the power of true repentance and forgiveness and I see that I truly have a passion and compassion to minister to women. 

 The bondages of sin and death in my life are cancelled. My heart today is for women…I want to build them up in Jesus, and help them heal. Greater than ever before I see the future for me and my kids is bright, and that my experiences in life have been used by God for God. 

I see Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 

Dark to Light

dark to ligh2

I feel such peace in my soul. A peace I never thought possible or available to me. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has given me the most amazing opportunity to empty out all of me, and refill with the Holy Spirit. This amazing journey of breaking through severe, lifelong judgement and hatred toward someone close to me, and transformed it supernaturally into a compassion like Christ had. The guilt and shame I carried for years in reference to this particular relationship is absolutely gone. The way I viewed myself because of this relationship, even after salvation, caused me to continually “return to my vomit,” time and time again, even 3 weeks prior to my NG2NP session. My sin held me captive. I was STUCK. I now know I had never fully received deliverance or freedom from years of sin.
Today I literally feel weightless. It’s been a month since my transformation and I still feel peace. I have never been so happy and free, and so grateful for every minute of life. I have truly come into the light and truth of God’s Word and His promises for me. His Wisdom and Knowledge cause me to believe He has a plan and a purpose for my life. My future is bright!
I have had great physical struggles in the past few years. My knees were in so much pain, it hurt to do even simple things like walk or sit. After my Narrow Gate sessions, I suddenly discovered my pain was gone. Not just physical pain, but I now am able to get down on my knees to pray several times a day if needed AND GET BACK UP! It truly is a miracle Praise God!! I also had very tormented sleep and never really “rested” during sleep or when awake. Now I sleep like a baby. No more sleeping pills, no more depressants and NO SYMPTOMS of depression. I am HEALED.
My Spirit man is growing, I can feel it. I no longer feed my flesh constantly. My son noticed right away when I got home. He said “something is different about you mom, and it’s GOOD!” My daughter felt and saw a peace and a joy on and in me that had not ever been there before. “It’s about time” she said. Freedom is all over me! There is a new peace and love between us.
Love is what has changed me. Love is literally inside of me, maybe the first time in my life. A deeper true Godly love, I have never had before. God through Jesus, put that love in my heart, He set me free from the bondage of sin and death. He has placed me here for such a time as this. My past testimony of death and destruction is now one of reconciliation, redemption and restoration. I am loved, and I love me. My story will be told, retold and used for the Glory of God.
My NG2NP Team was amazing. I’m not sure I have the words to express my thankfulness to the whole team. I needed healing and deliverance. I could never have done it myself. I never knew this level of freedom I now have obtained was available. I now have power and authority through Christ. My NG2NP After- Care Ministers, were faithful and true. Daily, offering and sharing Gods truth through His Word for me. They were so so encouraging.
MyNG2NP session facilitators treated me with compassion and kindness. A Godly love wrapped in respect. Honestly sharing from their open hearts. They have a God given desire to see women delivered from whatever has them bound. I highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to any woman who is sincerely searching for her True Identity in Christ and is willing to fight for her own personal freedom. It will absolutely change your life. Pray, seek God and you will know if He is leading you to The Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.

Safe In His Arms


I came from a country where civil war had become a way of life. The regime was ruling and my countrymen were literally fighting for their lives. I found myself caught in the middle at a very young age. My country destroyed and my identity along with it. I found myself in an endless battle against myself which only bled on others around me.

I heard about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path several years ago. It was at that time I knew the Lord was leading me. But the fear which I now know had become part of me, had gripped tightly. Fear of what I believed was the truth, fear of the truth of my past and the fear of not being accepted because of the exposure was strangling my spirit, soul and body. It’s hold expressed in a heavy depression.

After my NG2NP session I can say the greatest gift I have received is PEACE. His peace that covers me is unbelievable and undeniable. His peace and hope now established. All the while I knew His peace was missing, seemingly unattainable, but now it stays with me all through life’s ups and downs . The shame and guilt I had carried from past generations that told me I wasn’t good enough, is gone. I have a much deeper understanding of the weight of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and exactly what that means for ME. Now because of that, I feel weightless in His presence. I feel protected and safe. I hold close the understanding of His deep love and forgiveness I choose to pass it on to my future generations.

Before my NG2NP session, I wasn’t comfortable saying “no” or having an opinion. Now, I feel more independent. I have strength in my decisions. No is ok and I feel free in my choices and consequences because they are mine. I have actually realized my reactions to situations and I am now quick to reach out for prayer support.

My NG2NP Ministry team was and continues to be amazing through NG2NP After-Care. I was amazed at how my facilitators identified with my situation. The Holy Spirit was absolutely evident in the room and I felt secure in the assurance of His presence. I believed, apprehended and grabbed hold of His presence and His truth. My NG2NP After-Care Team have been incredibly supportive. I feel so comfortable with their contact. Daily accountability is what I’ve needed to prompt me to transform.

I would highly recommend this ministry to those who are searching for a deeper relationship with Christ. If you  know there is more, but feel stuck…Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path is for you, freedom is a day away.


Shattered2  I was shattered…my past choices and generational patterns had left me in pieces. But after my amazing experience with Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I finally know what it TRULY means to be “Set Free!” I am loved by my Heavenly Father and my story is important!
Obviously, I also now know I have a part to play in my freedom and I MUST do my part to stay free. That peace that I’ve heard others speak of, that love and joy that I just couldn’t seem to obtain, I now know is real and its MINE. I’m FREE!! I have finally been set free and others notice.
The torment, depression and ever fleeing self-worth, hindered everything I put any effort into. It tormented me for YEARS. I asked God for help with my tormented life and He led me to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. I pleaded with the director, “please don’t give upon me” I was desperate. “The perfect place to be,” my facilitator later told me.
The support I found with my NG2NP Facilitators and my NG2NP After Care Team during and after my sessions, was wonderful. Amazing daily support from women who have already walked the walk. With care and Godly love, wrapped in respect and non-judgmental feedback and truth, I was able to remember and speak about things in my past that I haven’t spoken about or admitted to in years. This gave me courage to repent and renounce those memories and perceptions. My NG2NP Facilitators guidance was scripturally aligned, full of truth from God’s Word. It caused me to dig deep. Led by the Holy Spirit who was absolutely present, I wanted more and more to get to the root of bitterness and all the other deep roots in me that caused me to fall into sin and iniquity from generations past and from doors I had opened.
Today, 2 weeks after going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry, I’m amazed at the peace I feel. Even others have noticed and commented. A new woman has been born in me, and the Word of God has come alive inside of me!!I know I have been washed clean. My NG2NP After Care Team is vital to my continued healing. Their morning and evening contact keeps me on task as I daily renew my mind. Learning and applying this new authority I have in God, brings absolute joy to my soul. I am ready and willing for this new adventure in Jesus! Today I live for His peace. My eyes and ears have been opened to a new relationship with My Lord. I have purpose.
This new passion I have for the gospel, has opened new ministry doors which I am very excited about. I would recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to EVERYONE…. But if you feel shattered, stuck, alone or that God is not there for you ….You need NG2NP. Don’t hesitate, Jesus wants you free.



overflow 2My hearts gets so full when I think of how my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry Team consistently put their souls into action to help me and others  with our own “spiritual cleansing.” Step by step my facilitators walked me through each and every little detail of my life, present and past. Moments that may have been tripping me up on my walk with Jesus. God’s love has truly overcome many issues I have been struggling with. The healing power of the Holy Spirit has set me free from all bondage. My Narrow Gate 2 narrow Path experience was a VERY profound event in my life.

Today, I find I am much more aware of my actions and my interactions in  relationships. God has fully released all I was holding on ton in hopes of protecting myself. But now I see that was a lie. Trusting Jesus fully, my  eyes have been opened and my relationships flow much more smoothly.

I have realized I have more clarity and discernment in more areas of my life. I am calmer and more at peace. I also am more able to address areas that may currently have a measure of conflict with peace and  without ANY offenses.

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry to anyone who needs a “house cleaning” of a spiritual nature. NG2NP has truly opened my eyes to so much more of what God’s promises are for ME. They ARE His promises for me, not just words on a page.

My NG2NP after care team played a critical part in assisting me to apply and maintain my new Godly Beliefs through my daily affirmation reading.

I was very touched by my NG2NP facilitators. They showed me such love and kindness which made it easy to share. I felt no judgement. They are extremely compassionate. Their hearts are definitely all about helping others heal from past trauma and sin. I felt their knowledge of the bible was extensive. They prepare in prayer beforehand and have prayer warriors praying during a session… You could absolutely tell…. The Holy Spirit was present in the room and in each one of us.

Made New

breakthrough1   I have spent the last few years running from God. A failed marriage and chronic homelessness left me feeling abandoned by God. If fact, I spent this time doing all “I” could to ensure that separation. Blocking myself from anything remotely related to Him. Returning back to a life of bondage, drugs, alcohol and sexual sin. But even in my running, I could feel His constant presence drawing me back to Him.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path was like a “jump start’ to my heart, setting me on my new path back into the arms of my loving, never failing Father. NG2NP helped me to recognize the strongholds that I had allowed back into my life and, how to continually cleanse my soul. Luke 11:24 is EXACTLY what happened to me.

Though I had been delivered from many things in the past, I had not done my part in keeping the Word of God in my heart and returned to my sinful behaviors. Oppression, generational curses and ungodly beliefs came back much worse than before. Mathew 12:45.

Since going through NG2NP Ministry I can say with great confidence that I have been swept clean! ALL depression and feelings of self-hatred are gone! Hallelujah! My identity has been restored! GOD IS FAITHFUL! Having  renewed peace of mind, my thoughts stay fixed on the things that are honorable and true Philippians 4:8. My ministry team was warm and full of understanding and empathy. They were very thorough in guiding me and allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way. I never felt rushed or judged. The ministry diagrams and exercises brought everything into perspective for me.

Each new day since completing my Narrow Gate journey, I can honestly say I feel the Holy Spirits presence as never before. I have found strength in Christ and now have healthy boundaries.  God’s Word now will assist me in my daily decisions. Holy Spirit is with me always, I feel His constant presence, His peace. I feel comforted and calm and I am absolutely sure it is a result of my restored relationship with The Holy Spirit.

I would recommend this ministry to anyone who wants healing for the heart of their inner child. Anyone wanting to turn over wounds from their past to Jesus. Although it can be done through seeking God and a personal relationship with Him, NG2NP is like a crash – course and a jump – start into healing your soul and understanding how past hurts really can prevent us from experiencing His peace and love individually for you. It was like a “pressure washing” of my heart.

Jesus through the Holy Spirit, has swept me clean, renewed me, refilled me and given me a new wineskin and new wine!! Glory to God I’ve been MADE NEW!!


roses 3After going through the 2-day Narrow Gate process, I now can truly say I love myself.

The support I received from the NG2NP After Care Team encouraged me to daily read my affirmations about my True Identity. It has changed my life. God’s Word has come alive in me like never before. The team lovingly lead me back to scripture if I happened to struggle that day.

Since my NG2NP session, I have been able to set healthy boundaries with those around me. NO MORE people pleasing! My relationship with the Lord has become more intimate. I sense His presence much more. He is my priority; He speaks to me and I hear Him clearly. I feel victorious and strong. I feel focused and I sleep

A LOT better! I am also able to trust God more deeply, surrendering all to Him and being at peace. Praise God!

Scriptures that I have know in my head for years, have been supernaturally transferred to my heart and that is changing my perspective, reactions and my total well-being. My husband said recently he sees that I am more focused, resilient, at ease and less reactive.

My NG2NP Facilitators were patient and caring. They were strong and attentive at the same time, compassionate and full of wisdom. They were AMAZING as the Holy Spirit flowed through them. Words cannot accurately describe how effective and how much I received from this ministry. I left that day a changed WOMAN, and I am forever grateful. They were capable and competent in letting the Holy Spirit lead me into the freedom and into the place that I so desperately needed to be.

I bless them with my whole heart.

I absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. I would tell them, “I have truly been SET-FREE.”

My Good Father


Before I came to the “Narrow Gate,” I wondered what God thought of me, and, I was holding on to a lot of confusion. I was struggling to tightly grip my salvation, identity and security, because of sin in my life. I couldn’t seem to fix my eyes on Jesus. My Narrow Gate facilitators dug deep down into my past to pinpoint just where my confusion, sin and insecurities may have been rooted. Through Biblical teaching and prayer, I found clarity and direction. I also found that God really does love my soul. He created me in His image so that I would reflect His Glory. Despite my rebellion and wandering off like the prodigal son, He made a way that I could come home. God desires the best for me, and everyone. He does not want us to follow satan onto the path of death; but rather, He desires His perfect will for our lives! He cares deeply for us, like a good father should. He keeps track of our every thought, and I know that He hears me because he has answered my prayers many times! Through NG2NP I found that Jesus,The Good Shepherd, loves His sheep (John 10). He laid down His life to save us from the wide path that the enemy desires for us. Jesus did His final work to lead us through the narrow gate, which is the pathway to the Father. I was reminded when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, He becomes our “Good Shepherd”. The only way to God is to surrender to Jesus and He will become our Lord. I chose to follow Jesus because I love Jesus. I love Him because He first loved me. He is mighty to save us from death, how deep is His love for me!! He finished the work, ministers to me and He purchased my ransom! Anything the world has to offer, which is all perishable, cannot compare to His worth!!
I see now, when I trust in myself, I start to worry and stress myself out. But, when I fix my eyes on Him, I remember my strength is in Him. He is my strong tower, my fortress, my salvation and only He completes me.
Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry lead me back to the heart of worship..And His name is Jesus.

Peace In The Storm


Four years ago, my life changed forever. My 3rd son was just born, and I was submerged into severe depression and anxiety. It was suffocating. I prayed and prayed, but relief didn’t come. I eventually found a way to make it through each day. It was a very painful time in my life where I encountered a lot of judgement from the Christian community. At the end of the year, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. A routine eye exam showed a melanoma in his eye and the cancer had spread to his liver. I had just begun to feel like I could breathe again, but this diagnosis plunged me once again into darkness. The anxiety was out of control. Most days were spent in exhaustion as I tried so hard to focus. The next few years were hard, but I eventually found myself on solid ground. I had an amazing vision of my dad which spurred me on in my pursuit of God. He was cheering me on and he was so full of life and joy! It was so healing!!! Months later I began to pray a bold prayer. For God to separate truth from lies. He began to show me things that I couldn’t believe. I had allowed satan to really entangle my mind. I felt freer than I had in so long. I thought I was finally through!

August brought a serious accident for my 3 year and I had one of the worst panic attack’s of my life. It was humiliating and embarrassing. It showed me I was not free. It was also very scary. Thankfully, a dear friend spoke a powerful prophetic word to me that God had allowed the incident so his healing could go deeper.

A few days later my mom signed me up for Narrow Gate. To be honest, I didn’t want to go at all. I didn’t want to need help. I wanted to be healthy on my own. But Thankfully my mom and many other wonderful women prayed me there!

The first session was so eye opening!!! I finally saw why I hadn’t been able to get completely free. Through this amazing ministry, generational curses were broken and sins were uncovered and forgiven. I felt clean. I felt whole. I was very raw, but I knew I was given a new start. Things weren’t automatically easy over night. And it has taken a lot of perseverance to continue forward, but the Bible is pretty clear about that anyway. PRESS towards the goal to win the prize.
I have to share also how amazing it is to have peace in the midst of very scary circumstances. My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently. This same thing would have undone me a year ago. But it has actually brought spiritual growth. Yes, it’s been hard and emotional, but God is showing up in a mighty way! I’m so thankful to the beautiful ministry of Narrow Gate. The healing and freedom I received has allowed me to face uncertainty with peace. This is the true way of Jesus!!!!

Set Free Indeed

set free

I truly have been set-free. John 8:36 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” I am here to declare and decree That The Great I AM has done just that.

Anger, rage, anxiety, control, resentment and other stronghold that were in my life, are now GONE in Jesus name and I declare VICTORY over every one of them. And with the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit, I will continue to renounce the seeds of generational sin. From now on I know I will walk as an over-comer alongside my new found freedom and with GREAT authority from My Lord.

After my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path session I now to speak life over every negative situation that comes. I am no longer a victim. I am victorious through Christ, a Daughter of The King, I am Set-free and REDEEMED!

I am amazed at how much more self confident I feel. I have such JOY in His strength in my life. Jesus has given me new boldness and greater compassion to my family and friends. Even revelations and words of knowledge are more clear and defined.

I understand more than ever that people and situations around me may not change, but what has changed is my responses and reactions to them. I KNOW the Holy Spirit will quicken in me immediately, guiding my next steps on how I am to respond with His Grace and Mercy.

I felt so safe and comfortable with my NG2NP facilitators. I knew this was my time to be open and transparent to receive my ultimate freedom I was seeking and I was determined to go for it ALL. I was so blessed to see and feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as He directed my facilitators. I was in awe of the way they flowed with Him for my maximum healing, and at the way the Holy Spirit ministered to me personally.

The NG2NP After Care Team is critical in renewing your mind. I was so blessed by them. My daily affirmations and their support was absolutely necessary.

I would say to any woman who may struggle with strongholds, if they take their NG2NP sessions, After Care and their affirmations seriously, they will walk into their new life given by Christ. You will be amazed! Thank YOU Jesus I AM FREE INDEED!!