I LOVED my NG2NP expierence!

The Lord appointed this NG2NP time just for me and He was evident the WHOLE TIME. The Lord brought me and my Narrow Gate facilitators to Isaiah 61 on the very morning of my first session before we began. I now see there were many things I was holding on to from my past, including generational curses and other things that I had never renounced or understood, I had not dealt with them. I was apprehensive at first to go through “The Gate,” because I felt my past was over and done with, under the blood of Jesus, however, I was absolutely delivered by Holy Spirit through uncontrollable laughter for hours! I know old chains and mindsets were completely broken off! I literally left NG2NP feeling physically lighter and saturated in unbelievable joy! Not only were chains broken but I left there feeling encouraged and prophesied over by Holy Spirit! This amazing experience confirmed so much to me that The Lord had been showing me! The old IS GONE and the NEW has truly come! I am ready for more of God’s love and IDENTITY in Christ Jesus ALONE! I now know I have nothing to prove, I can abide in the Holy Spirit and be strong and confident in The Lord and the power of HIS MIGHT! Today I’m much more calm and secure knowing my trust in Him has expanded, the fruit of the Spirit is evident in my walk. I believe more than ever what my Heavenly Father says about me, I see Him in me and I feel Him all around me.

My Narrow Gate facilitators were very personable, encouraging and professional. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I was able to say out loud all that The Lord had put on my heart, there is great freedom in this ministry. I know I was being delivered as I shredded the curses, vows and ungodly beliefs of my past, I felt heaviness leave me, a heaviness I had no idea I was carrying. So grateful, I believe everyone needs to go through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.