Beloved Daughter

Before I went through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I had not realized how much I filtered things through a belief of unworthiness. During NG2NP I had a breakthrough knowing my God sees me (El Roi) and that He loves me and, even cherishes me. I am His beloved daughter! Now knowing that, I am at peace. I don’t feel a need to defend myself in different situations or feel like I have to prove that I belong, because I belong to Him, and that is all I need.

When I left “The Fortress” after my last session, I had such a light-hearted feeling that I hadn’t felt since I was a child. I have been a believer for 40 years, since I was 11 years old. I was baptized in water at that same age. Sometimes people who are baptized at a young age don’t realize the enormity of the decision they have made, that wasn’t me, even at that age I loved my Savior Jesus and I wanted to serve Him. When I came out of the water 40 years ago, I felt clean, pure and white as snow. I never wanted to do anything that would cause a blemish or stain on my “spiritual clothes.” Of course, they did get dirty in the ensuing years, and I unfortunately never had that feeling of purity again….. Until Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry! When I walked out of “The Fortress” after my sessions, I felt so clean, white and pure again! Praise God!I am now walking in light-heartedness and enjoying that innocent little girl that I felt when she gave herself to the Lord all those years ago!

God is faithful, He has been so faithful to me all these years. He is the One who led me to NG2NP so I could experience freedom from my past, I am ever so grateful to Him and to the team of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. He and they are all so wonderful and I am so glad I went through “The Gate” process. My NG2NP facilitators were so encouraging, I felt very comfortable and safe. They were very attentive while I was talking and helped me navigate beautifully through the whole process of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. My NG2NP After-Care Team were really great and they helped me focus and remember my breakthroughs and healings that I recieved.

This NG2NP experience was a true paradigm shift in my beliefs about myself. I am wanted, I do belong. I am needed, I am called and my calling is for The Kingdom of God and the body of Christ. God sees me and He alone will provide/take care of me. I am loved, His beloved.