Beyond Grateful

I went into Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry knowing there was unfinished business that was blocking me from my relationship with God. I knew I needed something more intensive. I needed 2 days away from the world.

In those 2 days Holy Spirit through NG2NP gave me back pieces of myself which had been stolen long ago. I feel “whole” for the FIRST time in my life. I wasn’t even aware that I wasn’t whole, until I felt those missing pieces literally return to me.

The depression, procrastination and the heaviness ARE GONE. I feel JOY and EXCITEMENT for each day! My relationship with the Holy Spirit has been restored, it is close and loving and He speaks clearly to me each day as I journal and spend time with Him.

MY NG2NP facilitators an after-care team treated me with love and respect. They held me accountable for my daily affirmations.

This Ministry has truly changed my life! Free at last free at last!! Great GOD Almighty I am FREE AT LAST!!