Blown Away By Holy Spirit

Going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry has been absolutely life changing for me.

When I started seeing how I was reacting and treating my kids, The Lord began speaking to me, “something needs to change.” It was heavy on my heart that I did not want them growing up with the same feelings I had of not being good enough. As I continued in my daily life schedule, Narrow Gate continued to come up in different conversations with different women. It was then that I knew God was calling me through “The Gate.”

During my NG2NP sessions, I was blown away by what Holy Spirit revealed to me about my family through my generations. All that had been spoken over me, and all that I had spoken over myself. It all truly manifested in my life and became my reality.

Going through the Narrow gate 2 Narrow Path process of renouncing and reversing curses that were spoken over me, was the most cleansing and freeing moment in my life. I have done inner healing in the past, and I truly thought I had forgiven others and myself for past sins but, it wasn’t until going through “The Gate,” that I truly forgave and found life altering freedom. For the first time, when I look in the mirror, I see a completely different person. It’s miraculous, I like who I see. I’m absolutely convinced the sins of the past no longer haunt me. My husband says I look lighter. Self judgements of the past are completely gone.

Today, I go through my day in peace showing more patience and understanding to my kids and I walk in the authority God has given me through Jesus Christ. Im so incredibly grateful for Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry…It has changed my life. Every area has been transformed. Every relationships have supernaturally changed. I feel so much closer to the Holy Spirit, I hear Him with clarity, I know he is always with me.

I LOVE Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path After-Care! I look forward to reading my affirmations daily! This team has absolutely helped me and kept me accountable as I transform my mind, removing old habits and replacing them with new Godly beliefs. On the days I felt stuck, NG2NP After-care was there DAILY to guide me back onto the the narrow path.

There really are few to no words that will accurately describe the gratefulness in my heart for my NG2NP facilitators and for the whole team. My Narrow Gate facilitators treated me with great tenderness and love. I felt safe, secure and heard. Even the NG2NP Intercessors whom I never met, but knew of, I felt their prayers..and of course most of all, the Holy Spirits constant weighty presence in the room and all through “The Fortress.” Freedom…FREEDOM!!