The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed Jesus. That truth was implanted in me as a child, I knew I needed to find Him. My first experience learning of God, was through a play about heaven and hell, fire and brimstone. This absolutely shaped my distorted image of God, and that image was of absolute terror and fear. It shaped my beliefs of Him, it shaped my life. Until now.

My early child was marked by abuse. Physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuses. These things were the theme in my home, on a daily basis. Some of those events have left a deep wounds in my soul. My life continued to spiral with people coming and going, helping and then hurting. I found myself in a “loving Christian home” with a couple who said they wanted to help me, and at that time I gave my heart to the Lord. But it wasn’t until I audibly heard Jesus call my name that I actually began looking for relief. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to find Him. My adopted family told me God told them “we no longer are to be your family” so once again, I found myself alone and searching for love. I began surfing the internet, but was sucked deep into the new age realm which caused doors to open and, I spiraled out of control again. Fear coupled with anxiety, nightmares and torment, forced me to spend time in God’s Word which drew me closer to Jesus, but there were doors I had opened that I just didn’t know how to close. I felt caged. I was so broken, fearful and unworthy; how could Jesus ever love me…Then, Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path agreed to help me. They stepped in and led me to look at my life which really allowed me to see it from a different angle, one I had never seen before. My NG2NP sessions showed me how to understand the importance of forgiveness, to forgive like Jesus, even those who had hurt me so horribly. But mostly, it allowed me to accept Jesus. My sessions showed me how His work on the cross means I need to forgive myself. Narrow Gate helped me to be able to close the door of shame and guilt and to walk in my True Identity in Christ. In Jesus Christ I am truly free.

I am so grateful, thank you Narrow Gate! No more weights no more shame, no more caging myself. This ministry was truly effective in helping me to understand and apply the love of Jesus, the cross and His blood to my life and set me free from all the lies and schemes of the enemy. My ministry team were kind, attentive and nonjudgmental. They encouraged me through the harder moments and spoke life pulling me through the most difficult memories.

I absolutely would recommend NG2NP to anyone. I think everyone would benefit from their own personal Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path experience. My sessions were incredibly helpful assisting me in looking at fears and strongholds that needed to be broken off. Having the NG2NP After Care Ministry team for prayer and encouragement was an amazing asset. Finding the peace and confidence to go directly to Jesus and to trust in His complete love for me has changed my life forever.

Thank you, Narrow Gate2 Narrow Path! Thank You Jesus! I am free!