Called To An Encounter

 I lost my fiancé one year ago this month, October. 

When he died, it caused me to spiral down into a deep depression. 

A month before I met the girls at NG2NP, I had hit the bottom. I was so lost, so broken, and I felt like God was done with me. My heart was rotten, I had nothing to live for, I bought into the lie. I believed no one would miss me.

One day in July, I decided to take my life. I wrote letters to my family members, and then decided to take a bunch of pills. I prayed that I would wake up in heaven; but instead, I woke up 12 hours later, still alive.  I feared the pain would never go away. I was forced to come clean with my family about my suicide attempt. 

Somehow through it all, God brought Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path onto MY PATH. I was desperate to be free. Desperate to have a move of God in my life that would take away my pain. Losing my Fiancé triggered me to the core of my being. In my sessions, I discovered I was angry at God, and I discovered how much He adores me.

In my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions I had the most amazing encounters with Jesus. I saw Him, I felt Him, He spoke to me, He encouraged me and most importantly, I now know, He loves and forgives me completely. Today, I love spending time with The Holy Spirit, reading His Word daily, I hear from Him daily, and I’m dreaming more! 

My Narrow Gate facilitators made me feel incredibly comfortable. I was able to relive events in my life in a safe space. I have never felt so safe to share my story and my heart. This enabled Holy Spirit to heal and bring freedom to areas in my life I swore I would take to my grave. I have never felt so free. It was clear to me my facilitators hear from The Holy Spirit. They took time to listen and understand my heritage and my culture. They were quick to compassionately research where I was coming from and quick to obey The Lords promptings. I have participated in different healing ministries for almost 10 years. I am so thankful. These mighty women are spiritually prepared for what God wanted to do in and through them so I could be set-free! The Lord also revealed wounded areas in my soul from the demons of my past that I had forgotten.When I walked through the doors at NG2NP, I was a mess, but I was ready to be changed. Today I can honestly say I’m free from the burden of my past, and I know I’m accepted by my Father in Heaven. My attitude has shifted. My mental health is stable with no more suicidal thoughts or deep sadness. Instead of pain and sadness, I have peace and hope. After my 2-day NG2NP sessions, I can say I’m grateful for hitting a place of deep desperation so I could have this amazing encounter with My Lord, it has forever changed my life. I now stand today knowing, the best is yet to come. I will never be the same.