Clean And At Peace

Its amazing how clean and at peace I have been since going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry. Breaking off chains and generational curses was so powerful. I could actually “feel” a physical weight being lifted from of me. I honestly did not realize the constant fear I had been carrying associated to those now broken off generational sins and curses. You could absolutely tell there was a war for my soul going on in that room and Jesus always wins!!

Recognizing the judgements I had made about people in my life because of past hurts, was another HUGE revelation for me. The release and repentance of those judgements has really helped me to have a new love for people. I have more boldness and courage to lay hands and pray for them.

NG2NP ministers asked me to ask someone to cover me in prayer as I walked my narrow path session. My prayer partner told me as she prayed she saw an angel of the Lord over me who said “do not be afraid, you will receive what you are looking for, new life tools, wisdom, peace and more of the character of Jesus through the Holy Spirit. Chains will be broken in the powerful name of Jesus.” and THAT is EXACTLY what happened.

My NG2NP experience was truly amazing. I felt safe, I knew I wouldn’t be judged and I felt very comfortable to share what I needed to with my facilitators. Fear was broken off and a new view of how I’m seen in my Father’s eyes in Christ has now settled and abides in me, I have received His deeper love. There is so much peace that surrounds me. I have more confidence in my relationships with my family and friends. I understand all my cares and worries go straight to Jesus, what freedom! Now I know I’m hearing from Holy Spirit more clearly with out any doubt. I also have a renewed hunger and desire for the Word of God. I am SO grateful!

My NG2NP After Care ministers are such sweet women. They really help to remind me to renew my mind daily by reading my affirmations. I am VERY aware that this is vital as I continue to walk out the deliverance I received, reminding myself all the time of His truths toward me.

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry to anyone! There is so much freedom and peace when the chains are fully broken off and then you can see who you truly are in Christ, through His eyes.