Cleansed like a vessel

Some people need to be able to move slowly through “touchy” subjects. The Holy Spirit through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry gave me that opportunity. Many painful topics in my life needed to be examined with a fine toothed comb, things that were pushed down deeply and, things I had not thought about in years that popped into my mind as I reviewed my life. These things all needed to be dealt with right away. My biggest breakthrough was being able to recognize and receive the love of God for me.

Today I am seeing and understanding how my old behaviors were hindering my spiritual growth. I absolutely felt stuck in a rebellion/rejection cycle and I could feel it in my reactions to situations with others but I didn’t know what it was. I was stuck in my growth and it prevented me from moving forward in Christ and from any transition that was predestined by God. I would describe it like a build up of plaque in a blood vessel, blocked and in desperate need of a washing with the truth of God’s Word. I really needed help identifying that truth. The result of my two day encounter with the Holy Spirit through “The Gate” renewed my relationship with Jesus and with the little girl within me. It restored the love of God to me and solidified who I am in Christ.

My NG2NP ministry team treated me like family. I feel like Ive known them forever! This ministry is very organized and effective. I was given the scriptures I needed to replace every compartment of my life that was filled and that I needed to empty out. Every doubt, unbelief and lie. My NG2NP facilitators gave me God’s Word to refill my soul and replace the years of iniquity.

I’m feeling so much better now and I have a renewed love for others. I understand and have much greater compassion for people, knowing there is a reason they behave the way they do, I’m not so quick to react to. In fact, I choose now to remove myself from situations that don’t promote spiritual growth in me. I’ve also noticed the thoughts I used to have, that I struggled with, no longer affect me as they once did.

I am very grateful to NG2NP After Care team. My affirmations have really helped put rest in my heart and in my soul. They have helped me reestablish who I am and my worth in Jesus Christ.

I really needed Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry.