Courage To Stand

Prior to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I was born again, spirit filled, in love with Jesus, and loved others. But deep down I felt a place of unworthiness. As I walked through “The Gate,” with the help of my wonderful NG2NP facilitators, my eyes started to open more and more, to how much the enemy of my soul, studies us and our families. He sends people in and out of our lives to try to convince us of a different identity. Going through my past, I was able to see where he did that to all my family. Something snapped inside of me. I will not let this go on any more in my life or in my family! After breaking things off, there was a courage that arose within me not to tolerate any condemnation. I now was ready to stand guard. A lot of this I knew in my head prior, but something supernatural happened in me in my NG2NP sessions. The only thing I can fix is me. No unworthiness, NO MORE tolerating lies of the sins of my old life!

After my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions, I realized I have the tools! I was aggressive with my NG2NP After Care, and more was being revealed in me teaching me not to tolerate ANYTHING that was not of God. An example of that is, my child came down with a UTI. I started to plan to cancel my day to take her to the Dr. Then, I turned and said “this is NOT ok” I rebuked the UTI and thanked Jesus for healing her. Through tears we prayed. She had a camp she really wants to attend and she was heartbroken at the prospect of missing out. We turned our worship music upland sang out loud, we went on our way. As we turned on to the last road before the camp, My daughter shouted “THE PAIN IS GONE!!” It hasn’t returned since!!!

NG2NP gave me the courage to stand and know my part in receiving God’s truth. I had allowed (tolerated) a place to let the enemy speak to me and I would listen. NOT ANYMORE