Dark to Light

dark to ligh2

I feel such peace in my soul. A peace I never thought possible or available to me. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has given me the most amazing opportunity to empty out all of me, and refill with the Holy Spirit. This amazing journey of breaking through severe, lifelong judgement and hatred toward someone close to me, and transformed it supernaturally into a compassion like Christ had. The guilt and shame I carried for years in reference to this particular relationship is absolutely gone. The way I viewed myself because of this relationship, even after salvation, caused me to continually “return to my vomit,” time and time again, even 3 weeks prior to my NG2NP session. My sin held me captive. I was STUCK. I now know I had never fully received deliverance or freedom from years of sin.
Today I literally feel weightless. It’s been a month since my transformation and I still feel peace. I have never been so happy and free, and so grateful for every minute of life. I have truly come into the light and truth of God’s Word and His promises for me. His Wisdom and Knowledge cause me to believe He has a plan and a purpose for my life. My future is bright!
I have had great physical struggles in the past few years. My knees were in so much pain, it hurt to do even simple things like walk or sit. After my Narrow Gate sessions, I suddenly discovered my pain was gone. Not just physical pain, but I now am able to get down on my knees to pray several times a day if needed AND GET BACK UP! It truly is a miracle Praise God!! I also had very tormented sleep and never really “rested” during sleep or when awake. Now I sleep like a baby. No more sleeping pills, no more depressants and NO SYMPTOMS of depression. I am HEALED.
My Spirit man is growing, I can feel it. I no longer feed my flesh constantly. My son noticed right away when I got home. He said “something is different about you mom, and it’s GOOD!” My daughter felt and saw a peace and a joy on and in me that had not ever been there before. “It’s about time” she said. Freedom is all over me! There is a new peace and love between us.
Love is what has changed me. Love is literally inside of me, maybe the first time in my life. A deeper true Godly love, I have never had before. God through Jesus, put that love in my heart, He set me free from the bondage of sin and death. He has placed me here for such a time as this. My past testimony of death and destruction is now one of reconciliation, redemption and restoration. I am loved, and I love me. My story will be told, retold and used for the Glory of God.
My NG2NP Team was amazing. I’m not sure I have the words to express my thankfulness to the whole team. I needed healing and deliverance. I could never have done it myself. I never knew this level of freedom I now have obtained was available. I now have power and authority through Christ. My NG2NP After- Care Ministers, were faithful and true. Daily, offering and sharing Gods truth through His Word for me. They were so so encouraging.
MyNG2NP session facilitators treated me with compassion and kindness. A Godly love wrapped in respect. Honestly sharing from their open hearts. They have a God given desire to see women delivered from whatever has them bound. I highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to any woman who is sincerely searching for her True Identity in Christ and is willing to fight for her own personal freedom. It will absolutely change your life. Pray, seek God and you will know if He is leading you to The Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.