Everything Looks The Same.. I’m Different

I knew there was something “missing” in my walk with Jesus but I could not figure out what it was. I was reading the word and listening to videos. I love my church, I was serving and taking classes. I was volunteering to drive people to church who were unable to drive themselves… All the right stuff, right?

I heard about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry at my bible study and I prayed about going. I believe the Holy Spirit led me to NG2NP and He helped me to complete it.

I knew my past and my poor choices had kept me from the Lord for a very long time but when I finally surrendered and was baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit, I felt I had “arrived.” Then why did I still feel inadequate, self-conscious, ashamed.. like an outsider?

My two day experience with the Holy Spirit and my NG2NP facilitators answered that question and many more. I had many false beliefs that needed to be dealt with. The process for dealing with each and every issue was so amazing. I felt the cleansing of my past happening as I sat with my NG2NP facilitators walking through the steps one by one. I felt safe with these women.. I was able to be open and completely honest about my past, and I received healing in ways I could only dream of.

By the end of my second day, I knew I was changed in a drastic way. The moment I stepped outside, I knew!!! Everything looked the same, but EVERYTHING was different. I was different.

My relationships immediately started to shift. I began to speak differently to my loved ones, I spoke truth in love. Holy Spirit was now able to flow through me in a way He hadn’t been able to because of blockages from my false beliefs. A few days after my NG2NP weekend, God gave me a vision. I saw plumbing pipes, long and winding downward, but they were glass pipes and you could see the clogs at every bend, 6 or more clogs. Dirty, yucky clogs that couldn’t budge. Then I saw water start to flow down through these pipes (I knew it was Living Water) and one by one, the clogs were being pushed through the pipes. When the water reached the last clog, it blew out like a trumpet being blown and the feeling of freedom came rushing over me. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. I was truly cleansed from my past !!!!

I know now that all those prayers I said, crying out to the Lord “I believe in you Lord. Guide me to the next step,” have been answered. I want to know God’s will for me and I surrender to His plans.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has been life changing for me. I constantly feel the Spirit inside of me and my relationship with Jesus is getting better every day. I will be eternally grateful to God for this ministry.

I would absolutely recommend NG2NP. Things that keep us tied to our old junk from life, our sins, can really affect us. If you feel disconnected or not as close to Jesus as you want to be, Narrow Gate will help you to break off all the chains and connect you to your TRUE IDENTITY in Christ Jesus and YOU WILL be changed!! I have realized and belive in HIS great LOVE for me!!