Found My Voice Again

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry has literally lifted a weight off my shoulders. It is true that walking with Christ, there is freedom. However, we can choose or deny His Lordship over portions of our lives. This is where we can either knowingly or unknowingly be bound. If you experience hinderance and uncommon frustrations in your purpose or with the people in your life, consider a deeper healing with Holy Spirit. NG2NP facilitators are trained and anointed to walk with you through healing and growth. Not only do I feel free from deep seeded hurt and roots, I am more empowered with tools to grow and defend from old patterns that held my future captive. Thank you NG2NP team for your care and accountability.

I was so welcomed, nutured and supported before, during and after my sessions. The promtps from my NG2NP After Care team helped me complete my Narrow Gate affirmations. They were very helpful. It has helped me be more keen in my relationship with Holy Spirit. I am moved more on the “little” or the “simple” things, we laugh a lot together. I hold less weight in being accepted or understood. I have great peace. Narrow Gate has given me tools to help me keep my defenses ready and to grow more deeply with Holy Spirit. Now I have freedom that guides me to know how and when to be available for others. It has given me clearer insights into my purpose.

I can’t believe how much triage I needed by the end of day one. It was as a cloud lifted and I could see layers of build up and toxicity that I had normalized. I feel I have found my voice again. I am learning to tune it by Holy Spirit. Also, I am more able to turn down the noise and shelter under His Peace while He takes victory in my battles!

I would recommend NG2NP to ones who have an active relationship with Holy Spirit. The deep work happens in our sessions, but it is just the beginning of the real work to replace the deep demonic roots that use to take domain. I am so blessed to have met and been a part of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry.