God Intended All Along

My greatest Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path breakthrough was learning, understanding and then knowing, that years of ancestral curses and the associated bondages had been broken off of me and my family. NG2NP lovingly guided me through the process. Forgiving myself and my family for things Holy Spirit brought to my attention during my sessions produced freedom and peace. I can absolutely say I physically felt the demonic ancestral curses leave me. It is so freeing to know and to feel those things leave, this is the Lord’s plan for me. Today I honestly know that He is with me everyday and always! NOW Holy Spirit can move in all the ways He has always planned from my beginning. His plan to move in and through me.

Two weeks after my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions, unfortunately, my mom passed away from cancer. It was so peaceful, my whole family came together in Jesus just as God intended all along. My heart for my mother changed dramatically, I had such an unexplainable compassion for her. I knew she was Jesus’ Oh how He loves her.

The favor My Father has poured out over me in the last few weeks since my NG2NP experience is truly unimaginable, and with everything inside me I KNOW its all because of Jesus! Since my sessions, I find I trust Him to guide me more deeply than ever before. I also know its ok to stumble and even fall because my God is in control not me. Everything I do is in Him. I find I am reading my Word more and learning more! I look forward to reading the Word of God, taking notes and digging in to different versions. I desire to read now, where before, it was a struggle. I also have noticed I find myself in what I can only describe as a state of divine peace every day! I even feel like I actually walk differently, my steps are lighter! I respond from this place of peace now..I’m calm and I actually think more clearly!

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path! This program walks you through your life, and your ancestral past spiritually cleaning out the bloodline from anything that may hinder your walk with the Holy Spirit. Anything that may stop you or hold you captive feeling “stuck,” things that often may block blessings, salvation and the full freedom in Christ and His finished work on the cross. It is an indescribable experience, a revelation that you are chosen by God to be seen as HOLY.

NG2NP is a one of a kind special divine appointment that I was blessed to encounter.