Holy Spirit in me

My world was spiraling out of control. I could no longer hear the voice of the Lord and I felt I was losing everything I held dear. The only consistent thing was hearing about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. Three times, by three women in three years… It seemed as though there was something more than mere coincidence happening in the middle of this horrible storm. I absolutely knew The Lord was speaking to me, I had to get help. My traumas were increasing and involving those I love dearly. I had to make a change, I had to get through “The Gate,” I also knew I was at my very end and that I had lost all control. I knew it was a matter of life and death.

I am so grateful to the NG2NP team. Their love and compassion made me feel very comfortable and made it easy for me to share my story. I appreciate the realness of them. I felt a strong connection to my facilitators, and I was amazed at the common thread I actually had with one of them. Holy Spirit is amazing. I felt safe, understood and more importantly, I knew my deepest traumatic experiences would be kept confidential. Sexual sins and soul ties wrapped in anxiety and depression formed strongholds over time that I could not unwind. Suddenly seemingly, about halfway through my first day’s session, I had an amazing revelation with Holy Spirit and, maybe miraculously, I was made aware of Him inside me like never before. I can honestly say the he convicts me now more and more. I actually am very grateful for this because before I didn’t feel Him at all. Now if I begin to feel overwhelmed, I understand to begin praying and trusting Jesus more. In turn, I’m dealing with people better, and my boss said I’m more present at work and more mentally accurate! Holy Spirit is leading me as I pray. He is giving me intuition, leading me to and from things. He’s giving me direction.

I have also begun a new response when I’m feeling pressure. I grab my NG2NP affirmations, read and pray. Almost immediately I feel better. I start to pray and it calms me and gives me peace. I’m also grateful for the NG2NP After Care team who text me daily. I get very busy and their reminders I find very helpful. Their reminders kept me on track and encouraged me when I felt like brushing it off motivating me to press through. Now, it’s become routine. They also were always there to pray with me.

Today, I am praying more, feeling God’s presence more, spending time with Him and attending church regularly. I’m looking forward to growing more and learning more about Him.

If I were to recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to someone I would say, If you want freedom from bondage then this is where you need to be. I feel lighter and happier. I believe, I am able to handle life better.