Holy Spirit Interview

Prior to my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions, I had no idea that most of my “theology” had been conceptualized outside of the scope and truth of the Holy Scriptures. I had been driven onto a “path” of childhood interpretations, born out of my early expierences and interactions with my caretakers.

The ministry I received through “The Gate” has allowed me through the Holy Spirit to see myself, my life, and Christ Himself. And to also understand His ways for me. My life has moved out of the realm of my senses, and expierences and into the realm of faith.

Walking through NG2NP with the Holy Spirit has allowed me to let go of my interpretations and see just how infected my mind actually was. The truth of God and His Word, has allowed me to hear clearly what God is saying to me and to completely believe in Him. Before, I truly believed the only person I could trust was me. I had no idea that my attempts to negotiate life, according to my understanding, was leading me into more darkened understanding. To release control to God was what I had been avoiding.

Through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, Holy Spirit has shown me that I have choices, but I do not have control. Anger, control and isolation were my coping mechanisms from the past. I was shocked to see how I had been living by these ungodly beliefs. This shift in my understanding has eliminated much of the confusion in my life. Every breath I take is from Him. Nothing I do can ever really be done without Him. He is my life giver.

I am so grateful for the NG2NP Ministry team. My facilitators listened to me and guided me, with the leading of the Holy Spirit. They encouraged me to hear from Him and they didn’t rush me. They were fun to be with and I felt safe. My NG2NP After care team allows me to experience God’s love and care through Christ’s body, His church. I look forward to seeing this ministry on a larger scale, its wonderful!!

I would describe Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path as a Holy Spirit interview that determines ones assignment in the Kingdom of God. It’s so important to know and understand how much our Heavenly Father desires for us to believe Him, hear Him and obey Him, to delight in Him. But most of all to trust Him with our whole heart.