Before Narrow Nate 2 Narrow Path I was walking in such bondage. I have spent so many years believing lies about myself and about who God is. There is no doubt that I was drawn to NG2NP at this specific time in my life. It has been the answer to my life long prayer and heart felt cry forThe Lord to heal my heart and for Him to tear down the barrier between us.

The reality of whom I was serving, by choosing not to believe in what Jesus says about me, and who He is, hit me the hardest. It was an instant eye opener to me! I am free! I choose to believe God. It feels like the pressure of trying to make sense of everything has been lifted from me. The weight is off my shoulders and I am free to believe God for anything. I am free to see Him in everything because Ive learned that he IS The Creator of ALL things and there are no limits to the way He chooses to speak to us and reveal His love for us.

Today, I sit with The Holy Spirit every morning freely allowing Him to bring me a new and fresh revelation each day. No more second guessing. He loves me. I am His workmanship and I have a brand new open relationship with My Heavenly Father. He has given me brand new spiritual eyesight, a brand new renewed mind and belief about myself and about God. I am free to receive whatever He wants in anyway He chooses.

I recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to everyone! I was treated with so much love by people who didn’t even know me. They gave me so much compassion and understanding. Holy Spirit definitely used my team to penetrate my hardened heart. My NG2NP After Care Team kept me accountable as they supported and prayed for my transformation. My affirmations were not general, but specific. They are so important to recite every day and they have been and continue to be integral part of my restoration.

Through my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry teams prayers and surrendered hearts to God, along with their complete willingness to be there for the broken, God used them to bring healing to my heart.