Issues Of The Heart

When I came to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I had walked with the Lord for 2o years. I knew I was forgiven, but I still had issues of the heart in which I still found my self returning to my lustful and adulterous ways with men other than my husband. I travel, so there were plenty of opportunities. I knew it was wrong, but somehow I kept falling into sin. I couldn’t handle it myself and it was affecting every area of my life, even my sleep which was tormented and restless. I cried out to the Lord and asked Him to help me get rid of my behaviors. That night I had a very real dream that directed me to reach out to my friend who is the Director of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. During my NG2NP sessions The Holy Spirit clearly showed me that because of my past, I have issues of abandonment coupled with Generational Curses and several other issues that cause me to respond and act out in ungodly ways. Shocking to me as I know the Word of God but was clearly not able to apply it to my own life.

I am so grateful to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path! I would not have been able to find freedom from the lifestyle that kept me held in bondage with its lies and deceit, I needed this Ministry.

I recommend NG2NP to all people because you don’t realize that hurts and habits , past and current can become curses that you may repeat because of un-forgiveness and pain. It is a must if you want healing and restoration. Jesus forgave all our sins at the cross, so we must do the same..The power in that understanding is more than we could comprehend. I ask that you reach out to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path if you want healing and Freedom and to be an overcomer by the Blood Of Jesus.

Today I KNOW that I am forgiven a very deep level. I have great peace in my soul and spirit, I know I am loved. I no longer have night terrors or unforgiveness…I walk and sleep in peace. I believe this ministry is essential for a life’s journey of total victory for God’s Kingdom. We all need to go through “The Gate” to get delivered from what you might not know you have.