Jesus Freed Me

Words can barely describe the amazing and awesome experience and deliverance that is NG2NP Ministry.

I went there broken in places I didn’t even know were broken, and stuck in places that needed to be released. Although I had forgiven, there were bitterroot judgements that I had let choke out some areas of my life which held me back. Although I thought I renounced generational curses, I didn’t do “the work”to truly be set free, to see and know what Jesus’ sacrifice really means for me.

Jesus freed me and now I can live and walk in freedom guided by the Holy Spirit. I am more aware of taking every thought captive that does not agree with HIS Word and HIS promises for my life. My marriage is getting stronger as my husband sees changes in me of God’s peace and wisdom.

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Absolutely feels like a rebirth!! This Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is powerful and anointed as well as my facilitators in whom I am forever grateful!! My NG2NP After-care team as well is amazing. Replacing my thoughts, attitudes and habits with the TRUTH of who Jesus is and who I am is life changing!

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is life changing. So many things we just accept that allow the enemy to keep us bound. But, the truth is we are chosen by God, freed by His blood and called to walk as HIS children!! We need to take our authority in the truth of these Godly beliefs. I will continue to lean on the leading of the Holy Spirit being daily aware of where He is leading me.

Grateful that my relationship with Holy Spirit is stronger than ever before, Ive truly been set free by Jesus.