Living Loving Being Loved

There is so much in our lives holding us back. So much we don’t know or remember that affects us daily. We go through life unaware. But it truly can all be released.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path sessions opened my eyes to so much, most importantly my relationship with Holy Spirit. I have spent years asking and asking Him for deeper intimacy not understanding that it was my shame, abandonment, unworthiness, un-forgiveness, generational curses and bondages that kept me from hearing Him clearly. I realize now that these issues also have affected every area of my life. Several days after my NG2NP sessions, I felt so free, I actually picked up the phone and called the adoption agency to find out about the son I adopted out more than decade ago. I received an update and several pictures. I would have NEVER done that before my Narrow Gate sessions. I allowed shame and unworthiness to block me from even asking about him. What a beautiful unbelievable gift this has been to me.

My whole life has changed. I feel a sense of self-worth I have never experienced before. I feel peace and joy all over me. I actually believe I have a relationship and a closeness with Jesus now! Everything I do is an adventure. Even going into a diner, which before I wouldn’t have done, I would have gone through the drive-through, but now I look forward to speaking to people about God’s GREAT forgiveness! Slower to react, I give myself longer pauses to respond through the Holy Spirit to know my next actions, words or path.

The Wednesday before my session, a lady from my church came and embraced me. She repeated this word to me “EVERYTHING” looking back on that moment I know it was the Holy Spirit speaking through her, I know it was HIM, JESUS holding me..that was His word to me, He continues to share with me, and so MUCH MORE!!

My NG2NP team from my facilitators to my After-Care team were/are, as I am still in my 40 days of transforming my mind, tender, loving, kind, patient and encouraging. I was told each and everyone of them have been through this NG2NP process so they are sensitive to it and it shows in each of them. I feel heard and encouraged in moving forward in my life with Christ.

I’m so grateful to God for this opportunity, it has truly opened up such freedom and boldness in me to speak of the goodness of God in my life. Before my NG2NP sessions I would feel guarded with every conversation, now I know I’m free to speak because I’m forgiven, I’m loved. I have an amazing testimony that I look forward to sharing with anyone! I have a new security in Him and I will share what I believe I hear Holy Spirit saying to me. Scriptures just pop into my spirit now!

This is my freedom, living, loving and BEING LOVED!!