Made New

breakthrough1   I have spent the last few years running from God. A failed marriage and chronic homelessness left me feeling abandoned by God. If fact, I spent this time doing all “I” could to ensure that separation. Blocking myself from anything remotely related to Him. Returning back to a life of bondage, drugs, alcohol and sexual sin. But even in my running, I could feel His constant presence drawing me back to Him.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path was like a “jump start’ to my heart, setting me on my new path back into the arms of my loving, never failing Father. NG2NP helped me to recognize the strongholds that I had allowed back into my life and, how to continually cleanse my soul. Luke 11:24 is EXACTLY what happened to me.

Though I had been delivered from many things in the past, I had not done my part in keeping the Word of God in my heart and returned to my sinful behaviors. Oppression, generational curses and ungodly beliefs came back much worse than before. Mathew 12:45.

Since going through NG2NP Ministry I can say with great confidence that I have been swept clean! ALL depression and feelings of self-hatred are gone! Hallelujah! My identity has been restored! GOD IS FAITHFUL! Having  renewed peace of mind, my thoughts stay fixed on the things that are honorable and true Philippians 4:8. My ministry team was warm and full of understanding and empathy. They were very thorough in guiding me and allowing the Holy Spirit to have His way. I never felt rushed or judged. The ministry diagrams and exercises brought everything into perspective for me.

Each new day since completing my Narrow Gate journey, I can honestly say I feel the Holy Spirits presence as never before. I have found strength in Christ and now have healthy boundaries.  God’s Word now will assist me in my daily decisions. Holy Spirit is with me always, I feel His constant presence, His peace. I feel comforted and calm and I am absolutely sure it is a result of my restored relationship with The Holy Spirit.

I would recommend this ministry to anyone who wants healing for the heart of their inner child. Anyone wanting to turn over wounds from their past to Jesus. Although it can be done through seeking God and a personal relationship with Him, NG2NP is like a crash – course and a jump – start into healing your soul and understanding how past hurts really can prevent us from experiencing His peace and love individually for you. It was like a “pressure washing” of my heart.

Jesus through the Holy Spirit, has swept me clean, renewed me, refilled me and given me a new wineskin and new wine!! Glory to God I’ve been MADE NEW!!