My Good Father


Before I came to the “Narrow Gate,” I wondered what God thought of me, and, I was holding on to a lot of confusion. I was struggling to tightly grip my salvation, identity and security, because of sin in my life. I couldn’t seem to fix my eyes on Jesus. My Narrow Gate facilitators dug deep down into my past to pinpoint just where my confusion, sin and insecurities may have been rooted. Through Biblical teaching and prayer, I found clarity and direction. I also found that God really does love my soul. He created me in His image so that I would reflect His Glory. Despite my rebellion and wandering off like the prodigal son, He made a way that I could come home. God desires the best for me, and everyone. He does not want us to follow satan onto the path of death; but rather, He desires His perfect will for our lives! He cares deeply for us, like a good father should. He keeps track of our every thought, and I know that He hears me because he has answered my prayers many times! Through NG2NP I found that Jesus,The Good Shepherd, loves His sheep (John 10). He laid down His life to save us from the wide path that the enemy desires for us. Jesus did His final work to lead us through the narrow gate, which is the pathway to the Father. I was reminded when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, He becomes our “Good Shepherd”. The only way to God is to surrender to Jesus and He will become our Lord. I chose to follow Jesus because I love Jesus. I love Him because He first loved me. He is mighty to save us from death, how deep is His love for me!! He finished the work, ministers to me and He purchased my ransom! Anything the world has to offer, which is all perishable, cannot compare to His worth!!
I see now, when I trust in myself, I start to worry and stress myself out. But, when I fix my eyes on Him, I remember my strength is in Him. He is my strong tower, my fortress, my salvation and only He completes me.
Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry lead me back to the heart of worship..And His name is Jesus.