My Passion Unleashed

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry was the final piece in my deliverance after 13 years of intense spiritual battles. The first step was choosing Jesus, the second was my deliberate decision to leave a past of abuse, control and total ungodliness. Choosing Jesus 15 years ago, I was determined to never look back, but, all the while I felt a constant pulling, it was a struggle that tied me to the very things I left behind. I knew I wasn’t fully free.

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry facilitators through the Holy Spirit, one by one, removed and severed all ties that held me bound captive to my past. Those ties held me back from my future in The Kingdom that God has for me.

My biggest breakthrough was tied to my confidence in Jesus and my salvation which the enemy took great effort in trying to distort in the past. Since my NG2NP experience, my spiritual passion for God has been unbound and unleashed like never before! Finally I am walking forward with a boldness and power in Christ that I have never embraced on this level before.

The words God gave me during my sessions were defended, vindicated, accepted and chosen. These were NOT just words on a page. Perseverance is what I DO IN CHRIST. My story exemplifies Isaiah 61:3. The Lord has given me a crown of beauty for ashes. Only now, can The Lord begin to do a work in me for the purposes of my assignments in The Kingdom of God.

Thank you to ALL the women of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry who with Spiritual discernment and love, facilitated what God and The Holy Spirit accomplished through me. The Ministry team treated me with love, compassion and kindness. They were intent on helping me get free. They were detailed and thorough. As soon as I received my application, I could feel the intercession that is a part of this ministry. It was powerful and necessary. They walked me through, step by step with great understanding, the nature of spiritual battle I was in and then they gave me the tools I needed to equip me for battles to come. The NG2NP After Care Team were consistent and I felt their prayers. They followed up with me every morning and evening as I renewed my mind.

Today I KNOW who I am in Christ. I hear The Holy Spirit whisper gently and lovingly to me about my future. I have peace and I AM STRONG.

I would recommend this Ministry to anyone who wants to truly break free from the ties of the past. You must have enough insight to recognize you are not free. You must also have some level of spiritual awareness and understanding of spiritual warfare to “want” to fight for your life. When the Holy Spirit has exposed those things to you, expect the unexpected. Allow the Holy Spirit and the Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Team to do their work. Then, you will be free like you never imagined.