Never Too Old For Restoration

In pondering what I could share to express my testimony of “internal renovation”, a favorite TV program came to mind. In these programs, wonderfully talented people go into a house and tear down dilapidated parts and rebuild it to make it better. Or they may convert the attic into a bedroom. A bedroom symbol, in a dream, means a place of intimacy (with God), rest (from emotional issues), privacy (spending time with God), relaxation (releasing fear of never measuring up to expectations). An attic symbolizes stored memories and artifacts; frame Of mind; confusion; strongholds of ways of thinking about a given situation and so much more. God’s spiritual construction workers, under the guidance of Holy Spirit, began demolishing my junked up emotional attic. Piece by piece issues were pull off and put in the trash bin. The next step of renovation was to redecorate with clean new thought patterns created by God. One major change after these secession’s were concluded was the ease with which I was able to commune with Holy Spirit. Transition into HIS presence is now simply easy. No struggle to get into HIS presence. Another change is how quickly I catch negative thoughts buzzing around my head like flies and deal with them. Hope has been renewed in my heart. Anxiety which has hammered me for over 10 years from dealing with my husband’s brain stem stroke, has lessened in its intensity. There are other
areas that still need more work and that will be done in do season. The Maser Foreman never sleeps nor slumbers. It will get done. I was truly “touched” by God’s love and healing of long standing life time of hidden secrets. The entire Narrow Gate Team did more ministry to my inner man than I have experienced in my 78 years of living.

I deeply appreciate this ministry and recommend it to anyone who is having a struggle with their emotions.