New Creation

“Set the captives free” has a whole new meaning to me. I thought I was free because I had salvation, but now, I realize I was still being held captive by my past beliefs and unforgiveness because of the abuse I suffered growing up.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path facilitators walked me through the NG2NP process that made me aware and helped me to see the truth of the Gospel for me. Their loving kindness, helped me to feel understood. With compassion, honesty and truthfulness they walked beside me, as I examined the lies that had infiltrated my thoughts. I know they cared for me.

I feel like I literally lost a ton of weight. What I now know was spiritual oppression, is completely gone! Now I have joy and peace. My mind is clear and I feel like I have been given a new beginning! Jesus literally set me free through the NG2NP process. I am so grateful for this ministry and for all the Holy Spirit did through it. I feel stable and not led by my emotions. I am a “NEW CREATION” describes my experience. I can rest and enjoy His presence. I am more aware of what the lies the enemy uses to try to hinder me, I know what is NOT of the Lord.

I can testify that through my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience, Jesus truly set this captive free. I’m dancing on the chains that are on the ground! I really believe Jesus loves me, not just reading that He does, I belong to Him and to His family who also loves me for ME! I am free to enjoy my whole family and they absolutely have noticed this new freedom!! I have such peace now and I am so grateful for NG2NP After Care who continues to give me the tools I need as I walk to transform my mind.

I absolutely recommend NG2NP to anyone. It’s AMAZING and absolutely life changing for me. I have so much peace and freedom. I would recommend this ministry especially if you have past wounds, unforgiveness that they can’t get passed. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path is a safe place to be open and honest. A place to confess your sins one to another, confidentially. James 5:16

Today, I have a deep desire for people to also be set free from traumas, past hurts, unforgiveness, and feeling like they don’t belong. Thats what Holy Spirit has done for me through “The Gate” that is Jesus.

Daniel 6:27 He delivers and rescues. I am a new creation in Jesus. I am not alone, I am in Him, and He in me, I am no longer a foreigner, I am loved and I belong.