Now A Distant Memory

Going into Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I obviously knew I was there for healing, but never could I have imagined the impact. After my sessions were completed, I texted my husband and he told me he could see a change in me from my text message! After getting home, he tried to poke fun at me, which normally would have gotten my feathers ruffled, but, I didn’t feel that anymore! The trigger was completely gone! People that I have had feelings of un-forgiveness toward in the past I now have complete peace around. Hurts from things and people from my past that were still hanging on and were still bothering me, are gone as well! The heaviness is completely gone! I have this energy that I cannot remember the last time I had! I don’t remember ever feeling this good! I have found such FREEDOM! Stress and anxiety are now a distant memory… and fear IS GONE! I always thought turmoil would be my norm, but that no longer exists as well. I have a security and confidence that I haven’t had in years, if ever.

Everyday I notice something new that has been healed its such a beautiful process. I used to be a very antisocial person, now, I desire to be around others. Also, I really struggled to read my bible or just to read in general, that is ALL GONE! I am so grateful to have taken the step to fro through “The Gate!” Today I have an even greater love for my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say I feel more open to receive and to let Holy Spirit in, so intern I feel Him more and hear Him more. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen in this new place of freedom, there is a NEW FIRE in my soul!

I am so grateful to my NG2NP facilitators and my NG2NP After-Care team. I felt so loved and encouraged. I felt respected and safe. They made me feel like I could completely disarm myself and surrender to the process. Words really can’t describe my Narrow Gate experience, I absolutely knew work was being done but the impact of it all the work did not really show until I was back at home and work etc. TRULY AMAZING!

The freedom I have obtained from NG2NP process is so worth revisiting. Events from the past and its hurts that we may have been holding on to don’t have to stay in our identity. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is such a beautiful, gentle process that I highly recommend to anyone who feels “stuck.” Freedom is a reality.