Now I See

I HIGHLY recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry! This ministry has absolutely helped me see patterns in my generations that I would have otherwise never seen. With Holy Spirit and my facilitators training, amazing dedication, and obedience to the Lord God, I was able to recognize patterns in my family history that I was completely blind to! I feel like a new person!! I literally feel great relief and so much lighter! I feel as though years of carrying the weight of my ancestral sin has finally been BROKEN OFF of me.

Before Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path I was always double minded and unstable when it came to making any of life’s decisions. During my NG2NP sessions we got to the bottom of it all, we cut the root. Now, I see myself as I am making decisions and feel confidant in my decision. I am feeling strong, confident and independent! My opinions DO matter! Before NG2NP, I was very dependent on others. I needed constant affirmation and encouragement. AFTER NG2NP, I watched myself confidently put patio furniture together, ALL BY MYSELF!! Understand, THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO ME!! I’ve never built anything in my life, I believed before NG2NP, I couldn’t.

I’m so secure in myself and my relationship with the Holy Spirit now! My new passion is working out! I absolutely believe that God is training me to be strong and courageous all the time! I AM A TRUE WARRIOR!

I know that this Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience has brought me so much closer to Jesus my Savior. I am so grateful to Him that He would allow me to go through this beautiful ministry.

I absolutely would refer anyone to NG2NP. I would express to them how beneficial it is to see just exactly what the roots and patterns of your problems are. This ministry will unlock hidden strongholds you may never have EVER SEEN or thought of. I highly recommend it!