Oceans Of Sin

melissa When I turned eighteen I took my eyes off of Christ and, as one would expect, I sunk into an ocean of sin. My insistence to depend on myself (or a man) resulted in decisions and compromises of my beliefs that pushed me further and further away from the narrow path of righteousness. I opted out of wearing the armor of God and I turned my back on the truth and God’s promises.  Over the next ten years, I flailed my arms and thrashed my legs through waves of pain and abuse, thinking that my own strength could set me free. I was wrong.

In May of 2018, my life changed. You see, I stopped fighting the ocean of sin I was in and I began to sink to the bottom of the darkness that had been consuming me for so long. I was tired of fighting to breathe; to be in control; to be safe. I made the decision to give up. Thus, Satan almost won—almost. But God’s plans are superior, impenetrable, victorious, perfect, and powerful. Satan’s games are no match for the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords; my Heavenly Father.

In my moment of final suffocation, God dragged me up toward the surface of the water and when I opened my eyes I was standing on the water, standing face-to-face with Jesus and my eyes have been locked on his ever since. Five months have passed since I received God’s grace and mercy and each day I stand in awe of the awesome power of Jesus.

Although I believe wholeheartedly that my salvation has been bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus, I am also aware that the scars of my past continue to be a challenge to my faith and intimacy with Christ. Traveling through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path allowed me to heal from the wounds of my past in a way that is rooted in the Bible and God’s will. The facilitators carefully and compassionately navigated me through the pain I had been holding on to from my past and I was able to identify the differences between what the world says about me and what God says about me. I know now without any doubt that God loves me, Jesus saved me, and I am now a Daughter of the King–beautifully and wonderfully made with value beyond compare.