Out Of The Box

So incredibly grateful for my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience. My relationships with my family members have noticeably improved. Areas where normally we would have enormous friction now are consciously and calmly taken down in temperature. Now, we pray for unity. My NG2NP helped me to understand and communicate more clearly my feelings and responces in situations that may stem from my past and its reactions. NG2NP has helped me see my True Identity in Christ, standing on the truth in who He says I am, and working together and regaining trust. Most exciting is that my kids are seeing me be a more calm and present Father and they are definitely noticing a stronger spiritual leadership in the home.

My relationship with Holy Spirit is also growing stronger. Because I have chosen to surrender to Him, His presence in my life and in my thought patterns are growing more than ever before. Still a process for me to get out of the way, but I have started and have a greater understanding of the importance allowing Him to lead me in ALL areas of my life and relationships. I now have new tools, my NG2NP After Care, that helps me to push back the enemy who used to try to trip me. Consistency with my affirmations has been the biggest and most effective tool. NG2NP After Care is a daily reminder that points me back to the work I accomplished with my ministers. It’s also a very generous and flexible open invitation to continue dialog for me when I need it.

Three positive changes in me would be #1 articulated identity based on prayer from the NG2NP team, the Holy Spirit’s presence during our sessions and the thoughtful work/active listening from my ministers. #2 A great awareness and appreciation of how much my past, dating back through my ancestry, affects me, my relationships, my habits and hangups and those in my family. #3 More grace for myself based on a faithful pursuance of God and an understanding of the work He wants to do in and through me.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry team treated me like family from the moment I started the program. I felt comfortable and reassured that my sessions were safe and private. Most importantly they impressed the importance of prayer and lovingly shared that their team extended much further than the room in the form of a prayer group that prayed for me before, during and after my NG2NP sessions. AWESOME. I could feel it..I physically felt lighter after my sessions, A LOT lighter…and I am seeing the fruit of it in my family. I would highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to anyone who feels boxed in or stuck in life and in your walk with Jesus Christ. That box can leave you feeling tormented. and in constant challenge. NG2NP takes you out of that box and sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to lead you to LIVE in freedom outside the box!