overflow 2My hearts gets so full when I think of how my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry Team consistently put their souls into action to help me and others  with our own “spiritual cleansing.” Step by step my facilitators walked me through each and every little detail of my life, present and past. Moments that may have been tripping me up on my walk with Jesus. God’s love has truly overcome many issues I have been struggling with. The healing power of the Holy Spirit has set me free from all bondage. My Narrow Gate 2 narrow Path experience was a VERY profound event in my life.

Today, I find I am much more aware of my actions and my interactions in  relationships. God has fully released all I was holding on ton in hopes of protecting myself. But now I see that was a lie. Trusting Jesus fully, my  eyes have been opened and my relationships flow much more smoothly.

I have realized I have more clarity and discernment in more areas of my life. I am calmer and more at peace. I also am more able to address areas that may currently have a measure of conflict with peace and  without ANY offenses.

I would absolutely recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry to anyone who needs a “house cleaning” of a spiritual nature. NG2NP has truly opened my eyes to so much more of what God’s promises are for ME. They ARE His promises for me, not just words on a page.

My NG2NP after care team played a critical part in assisting me to apply and maintain my new Godly Beliefs through my daily affirmation reading.

I was very touched by my NG2NP facilitators. They showed me such love and kindness which made it easy to share. I felt no judgement. They are extremely compassionate. Their hearts are definitely all about helping others heal from past trauma and sin. I felt their knowledge of the bible was extensive. They prepare in prayer beforehand and have prayer warriors praying during a session… You could absolutely tell…. The Holy Spirit was present in the room and in each one of us.