Out Of The Box

So incredibly grateful for my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience. My relationships with my family members have noticeably improved. Areas where normally we would have enormous friction now are consciously and calmly taken down in temperature. Now, we pray for unity. My NG2NP helped me to understand and communicate more clearly my feelings and responces in situations that may stem from my past and its reactions. NG2NP has helped me see my True Identity in Christ, standing on the truth in who He says I am, and working together and regaining trust. Most exciting is that my kids are seeing me be a more calm and present Father and they are definitely noticing a stronger spiritual leadership in the home.

My relationship with Holy Spirit is also growing stronger. Because I have chosen to surrender to Him, His presence in my life and in my thought patterns are growing more than ever before. Still a process for me to get out of the way, but I have started and have a greater understanding of the importance allowing Him to lead me in ALL areas of my life and relationships. I now have new tools, my NG2NP After Care, that helps me to push back the enemy who used to try to trip me. Consistency with my affirmations has been the biggest and most effective tool. NG2NP After Care is a daily reminder that points me back to the work I accomplished with my ministers. It’s also a very generous and flexible open invitation to continue dialog for me when I need it.

Three positive changes in me would be #1 articulated identity based on prayer from the NG2NP team, the Holy Spirit’s presence during our sessions and the thoughtful work/active listening from my ministers. #2 A great awareness and appreciation of how much my past, dating back through my ancestry, affects me, my relationships, my habits and hangups and those in my family. #3 More grace for myself based on a faithful pursuance of God and an understanding of the work He wants to do in and through me.

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry team treated me like family from the moment I started the program. I felt comfortable and reassured that my sessions were safe and private. Most importantly they impressed the importance of prayer and lovingly shared that their team extended much further than the room in the form of a prayer group that prayed for me before, during and after my NG2NP sessions. AWESOME. I could feel it..I physically felt lighter after my sessions, A LOT lighter…and I am seeing the fruit of it in my family. I would highly recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to anyone who feels boxed in or stuck in life and in your walk with Jesus Christ. That box can leave you feeling tormented. and in constant challenge. NG2NP takes you out of that box and sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to lead you to LIVE in freedom outside the box!

Now A Distant Memory

Going into Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I obviously knew I was there for healing, but never could I have imagined the impact. After my sessions were completed, I texted my husband and he told me he could see a change in me from my text message! After getting home, he tried to poke fun at me, which normally would have gotten my feathers ruffled, but, I didn’t feel that anymore! The trigger was completely gone! People that I have had feelings of un-forgiveness toward in the past I now have complete peace around. Hurts from things and people from my past that were still hanging on and were still bothering me, are gone as well! The heaviness is completely gone! I have this energy that I cannot remember the last time I had! I don’t remember ever feeling this good! I have found such FREEDOM! Stress and anxiety are now a distant memory… and fear IS GONE! I always thought turmoil would be my norm, but that no longer exists as well. I have a security and confidence that I haven’t had in years, if ever.

Everyday I notice something new that has been healed its such a beautiful process. I used to be a very antisocial person, now, I desire to be around others. Also, I really struggled to read my bible or just to read in general, that is ALL GONE! I am so grateful to have taken the step to fro through “The Gate!” Today I have an even greater love for my Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I can honestly say I feel more open to receive and to let Holy Spirit in, so intern I feel Him more and hear Him more. I can’t wait to see the amazing things that will happen in this new place of freedom, there is a NEW FIRE in my soul!

I am so grateful to my NG2NP facilitators and my NG2NP After-Care team. I felt so loved and encouraged. I felt respected and safe. They made me feel like I could completely disarm myself and surrender to the process. Words really can’t describe my Narrow Gate experience, I absolutely knew work was being done but the impact of it all the work did not really show until I was back at home and work etc. TRULY AMAZING!

The freedom I have obtained from NG2NP process is so worth revisiting. Events from the past and its hurts that we may have been holding on to don’t have to stay in our identity. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is such a beautiful, gentle process that I highly recommend to anyone who feels “stuck.” Freedom is a reality.

The Man God Made Me To Be

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has truly excellerated my understanding of many spiritual concepts that were in my belief system but, were not as firmly rooted as they needed to be. NG2NP also introduced me to quite a few more “truths” that I needed to help me to continue in growth and maturity in Christ and to fully become the man God made me to be.

Choosing to go to the Holy Spirit FIRST before offense sets in will result in 3 important truths for me.

1. The spiritual side of an issue will be exposed more quickly to me so I can pray.

2. Seeing the situation from God’s perspective leads me to a position of reinforcement about who I am in Christ and HIS work done for me on the cross.

3. Leads me to a Godly response instead of a worldly reaction. This process prevents me from taking offense and then shuts down any torment I may have expierenced in the past. Trusting the Holy Spirit with every 1st opportunity offense and believing that He will handle them is causing a great growth in my walk with Jesus as well as increasing my intimacy with Holy Spirit.

Today I feel less rushed and at peace. I am content and happy right where I am with Jesus. I feel more significant, mighty and firmly planted in the Lord.

On a scale of 1-10, I give Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry a solid 10. It’s amazing to watch the Holy Spirit show you your past and how it relates to your future by Jesus’ redeeming blood. My NG2NP facilitators used great care and humility as they led me in my sessions.

I would reccomend NG2NP to someone who is already passionately chasing after God and wants more. Someone with an existing foundation in Christ and who is serious about going deeper.

Beloved Daughter

Before I went through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I had not realized how much I filtered things through a belief of unworthiness. During NG2NP I had a breakthrough knowing my God sees me (El Roi) and that He loves me and, even cherishes me. I am His beloved daughter! Now knowing that, I am at peace. I don’t feel a need to defend myself in different situations or feel like I have to prove that I belong, because I belong to Him, and that is all I need.

When I left “The Fortress” after my last session, I had such a light-hearted feeling that I hadn’t felt since I was a child. I have been a believer for 40 years, since I was 11 years old. I was baptized in water at that same age. Sometimes people who are baptized at a young age don’t realize the enormity of the decision they have made, that wasn’t me, even at that age I loved my Savior Jesus and I wanted to serve Him. When I came out of the water 40 years ago, I felt clean, pure and white as snow. I never wanted to do anything that would cause a blemish or stain on my “spiritual clothes.” Of course, they did get dirty in the ensuing years, and I unfortunately never had that feeling of purity again….. Until Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry! When I walked out of “The Fortress” after my sessions, I felt so clean, white and pure again! Praise God!I am now walking in light-heartedness and enjoying that innocent little girl that I felt when she gave herself to the Lord all those years ago!

God is faithful, He has been so faithful to me all these years. He is the One who led me to NG2NP so I could experience freedom from my past, I am ever so grateful to Him and to the team of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. He and they are all so wonderful and I am so glad I went through “The Gate” process. My NG2NP facilitators were so encouraging, I felt very comfortable and safe. They were very attentive while I was talking and helped me navigate beautifully through the whole process of Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. My NG2NP After-Care Team were really great and they helped me focus and remember my breakthroughs and healings that I recieved.

This NG2NP experience was a true paradigm shift in my beliefs about myself. I am wanted, I do belong. I am needed, I am called and my calling is for The Kingdom of God and the body of Christ. God sees me and He alone will provide/take care of me. I am loved, His beloved.

Beyond Grateful

I went into Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry knowing there was unfinished business that was blocking me from my relationship with God. I knew I needed something more intensive. I needed 2 days away from the world.

In those 2 days Holy Spirit through NG2NP gave me back pieces of myself which had been stolen long ago. I feel “whole” for the FIRST time in my life. I wasn’t even aware that I wasn’t whole, until I felt those missing pieces literally return to me.

The depression, procrastination and the heaviness ARE GONE. I feel JOY and EXCITEMENT for each day! My relationship with the Holy Spirit has been restored, it is close and loving and He speaks clearly to me each day as I journal and spend time with Him.

MY NG2NP facilitators an after-care team treated me with love and respect. They held me accountable for my daily affirmations.

This Ministry has truly changed my life! Free at last free at last!! Great GOD Almighty I am FREE AT LAST!!


Amazing Hope

Before Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry, there wasn’t much intimacy with God. I read my Bible, did my devotionals, prayed etc. But, it wasn’t from a heart filled with desire for Him. It was from a mind saying this is what you are supposed to do.

When I arrived at “The Fortress,” for my first session, I didn’t know what to expect. I wondered what my facilitators would think of me after reading my application. Would they even be able to look at me? I knocked on the door and went inside, all I felt was love. There was no judgement, just love. It was at this moment I began to understand how loved I am. I have now come to understand how many people were praying, standing and rooting for me at my time of my ministry. Today it makes me feel so grateful to know that God absolutely pre-ordained this NG2NP moment just for me.

I learned so much about myself. I had no idea how much generational mind sets, attitudes and behaviors had affected me. I had no idea how soul ties and word curses spoken over me by others and by myself, had affected my every day life and those around me. Its almost unbelievable! There was so much shame, insecurity and self-loathing. I didn’t even realize the things I was speaking over myself. My biggest break-through was really finally learning and believing my true identity in Christ. I was finally able to accept The Fathers great love for me and see myself as Jesus sees me. I understand the sacrifice of the cross of Christ so much more deeply now.

Today, I am at peace with me, and I have learned how precious and specific to me spending time with the Holy Spirit is. I am learning to spend time with Him more and more. I am able to wait on Him and rely on His leading. THATS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!

I am so grateful for Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. My NG2NP facilitators, after-care and intercessors were all incredibly important parts of my restoration. This whole team assisted in getting me to see my old belief system. They helped me to see all the lies I was believing for a very, VERY long time. These were lies from the enemy. My NG2NP Team then replaced the old with new tools that I needed to re-write those ungodly beliefs into MY new Godly beliefs. These affirmations, and the daily encouragement from NG2NP after-care team has been a tremendous help on the days that seemed a little rougher.

I am so incredibly grateful for Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry and I pray each team member knows what an impact they have had on my life. I HIGHLY recommend Narrow Gate for anyone who feels stuck and has lost hope. Everyone needs to know in their heart how loved they are by God. It’s AMAZING!!

One Link At A Time

After hearing about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, it actually took me 10 months to say “yes.” I did not know what to expect and I was afraid to bring to the surface the hidden wounds I knew were there. After receiving the NG2NP application, I began to pray. As I was seeking God, I immediately had a vision of a warrior angel with a sword. I felt like he was there to help guide me through this battle. I closed my eyes to sleep and I was awaken at 2:30am by the Holy Spirit. I was led to get my bible and it opened to Mathew 7:13-14, The Narrow Path, I knew I was being led by the Lord and that it was now my time to go through “The Gate,” my time to heal.

The Holy Spirit then began to reveal to me all the chains and bondages that held me captive. All the things that I had never renounced. In my NG2NP sessions, as I began to repent and renounce, The Holy Spirit continued audibly and visually to show me that each link in my life, little by little, one at a time were being broken until finally I was FREE. I actually watched as years of dirty water inside me became clean and clear as it freely flowed out of me.

I deeply recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to any believer who is ready to walk this path into true freedom. Through “The Gate” that is Jesus you will discover and truly learn about forgiveness, love of The Father and the worth you have in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You will learn what being “set-free” truly means.

My NG2NP Ministry Team are amazing ladies, this ministry is incredibly effective. I thank God that they are obedient to Him so we can participate in His desire for us to be totally free. I also am grateful that they are willing to help others walk through this healing process. NG2NP has shown me the love of Christ in a profound way. I have learned the value of forgiveness and mercy. I have learned to bring my hurts directly to Jesus, to trust Him for the outcome and to pray for others. This is an amazing ministry that will help you walk your own personal healing path and will help you learn how to deal righteously with life’s issues God’s wa through His Word, in the spiritual realm.

Polished and put back together

I was raised as a Christian from birth, but grew up knowing God as a condemning Father. I have lived with so many broken pieces on the inside, I knew God wanted to repair each part. Today I understand we were never created to live in such brokenness. This is what led me to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.

The enemy of our soul wants us all to stay broken, and that was evident in the early morning before my first NG2NP session. My drive to “The Fortress” location was not a place I was familiar with. When I tried to open my Maps App, it would NOT open…. I had never seen that before and I drive quite a bit. So, Holy Spirit was literally my guide from the very moment of this journey. Just on my drive to NG2NP Holy Spirit gave me signs of my upcoming rededication as He guided me to my location. A bridge in repair, God spoke “I will be repairing your broken bridges” to yellow butterflies in the sky which I saw as my symbol for transformation and many other details that morning led me, and I hadn’t even begun my sessions. I absolutely believe, that God is a Father of detail. He cares about every detail of our lives and He longs for us to be aligned with Him on that Narrow Path, and that is exactly what this NG2NP Ministry has helped me do.

Through my “emotionless past” these amazing NG2NP facilitators walked with me. Word curses that were spoken over me by myself and by others, were recognized and broken off. They absolutely helped me to renew my mind and realign it with the mind of Christ. Soul ties were broken off and the most amazing part was that I actually smelled something burning as I read the last tie! No one else smelled it, but I know God was burning away all the dead and unwanted things of my past.

There were so many chains and burdens broken off in my sessions that its hard to write them all down. A big take-away for me from NG2NP was the fact that, we can only love as much as we have been taught to love. I felt unloved in moments in my life, I now know that its most likely a reflection from the other persons hurts and pains from their past. This has really helped me to understand and be compassionate.

I am truly grateful to NG2NP, the facilitators and NG2NP Aftercare. The broken pieces of my past have been polished and put back together to form a restored version of myself. I feel so much joy and freedom. I am excited to share my testimony and Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. Every person should know that their Heavenly loving Father wants them to be cleansed of their past and walking in their new true identity.

New Wine Skin

I feel like a new person! God gave me a vision just before my Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path experience of an exoskeleton of a bug and He told me I’d be getting new wine skin! I didn’t understand the significance of that until my sessions were over. The Holy Spirit showed up big time and transformed me! My old self has been left behind, I walk in newness of heart. God has never been more real, more tangible, more near to me in my entire life.

This NG2NP experience has changed my relationships with my children, my husband and my parents. My relationships are different because I am different. New compassion and understanding, there is a peace and a rest that consumes me as I trust God to work in their lives. The burden to “fix” them or guide them in my flesh is gone. I see them differently now, and I recognize the lies of the enemy immediately and I pray in the Spirit to find truth.

I know this experience has prepared and equipped me for God’s calling on my life. I am healed and whole and standing in great expectation of what God is going to do as a result of the work I did with the Holy Spirit. My newness will guide me to walk as He intended me to!

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is a Spirit-led Ministry. Holy Spirit showed up through my facilitators big time with love and compassion. This ministry is very effective! The NG2NP After Care team was critical for my restoration. Their consistent checking in day and night via text, held me accountable for the renewing of my mind they are AWESOME! I have come to see and understand we all carry hurts and burdens that keep us from true peace found only in Christ Jesus and in His intimacy. I also understand more deeply that I am walking more in the Spirit of God aligning my soul and body with my spirit.

I truly believe Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry has released me into what ever future God has for me! I am in a position of complete trust, excitement and expectation..and..He CAN do that for you too.

I LOVED my NG2NP expierence!

The Lord appointed this NG2NP time just for me and He was evident the WHOLE TIME. The Lord brought me and my Narrow Gate facilitators to Isaiah 61 on the very morning of my first session before we began. I now see there were many things I was holding on to from my past, including generational curses and other things that I had never renounced or understood, I had not dealt with them. I was apprehensive at first to go through “The Gate,” because I felt my past was over and done with, under the blood of Jesus, however, I was absolutely delivered by Holy Spirit through uncontrollable laughter for hours! I know old chains and mindsets were completely broken off! I literally left NG2NP feeling physically lighter and saturated in unbelievable joy! Not only were chains broken but I left there feeling encouraged and prophesied over by Holy Spirit! This amazing experience confirmed so much to me that The Lord had been showing me! The old IS GONE and the NEW has truly come! I am ready for more of God’s love and IDENTITY in Christ Jesus ALONE! I now know I have nothing to prove, I can abide in the Holy Spirit and be strong and confident in The Lord and the power of HIS MIGHT! Today I’m much more calm and secure knowing my trust in Him has expanded, the fruit of the Spirit is evident in my walk. I believe more than ever what my Heavenly Father says about me, I see Him in me and I feel Him all around me.

My Narrow Gate facilitators were very personable, encouraging and professional. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. I was able to say out loud all that The Lord had put on my heart, there is great freedom in this ministry. I know I was being delivered as I shredded the curses, vows and ungodly beliefs of my past, I felt heaviness leave me, a heaviness I had no idea I was carrying. So grateful, I believe everyone needs to go through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.