Peace In The Storm


Four years ago, my life changed forever. My 3rd son was just born, and I was submerged into severe depression and anxiety. It was suffocating. I prayed and prayed, but relief didn’t come. I eventually found a way to make it through each day. It was a very painful time in my life where I encountered a lot of judgement from the Christian community. At the end of the year, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. A routine eye exam showed a melanoma in his eye and the cancer had spread to his liver. I had just begun to feel like I could breathe again, but this diagnosis plunged me once again into darkness. The anxiety was out of control. Most days were spent in exhaustion as I tried so hard to focus. The next few years were hard, but I eventually found myself on solid ground. I had an amazing vision of my dad which spurred me on in my pursuit of God. He was cheering me on and he was so full of life and joy! It was so healing!!! Months later I began to pray a bold prayer. For God to separate truth from lies. He began to show me things that I couldn’t believe. I had allowed satan to really entangle my mind. I felt freer than I had in so long. I thought I was finally through!

August brought a serious accident for my 3 year and I had one of the worst panic attack’s of my life. It was humiliating and embarrassing. It showed me I was not free. It was also very scary. Thankfully, a dear friend spoke a powerful prophetic word to me that God had allowed the incident so his healing could go deeper.

A few days later my mom signed me up for Narrow Gate. To be honest, I didn’t want to go at all. I didn’t want to need help. I wanted to be healthy on my own. But Thankfully my mom and many other wonderful women prayed me there!

The first session was so eye opening!!! I finally saw why I hadn’t been able to get completely free. Through this amazing ministry, generational curses were broken and sins were uncovered and forgiven. I felt clean. I felt whole. I was very raw, but I knew I was given a new start. Things weren’t automatically easy over night. And it has taken a lot of perseverance to continue forward, but the Bible is pretty clear about that anyway. PRESS towards the goal to win the prize.
I have to share also how amazing it is to have peace in the midst of very scary circumstances. My mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently. This same thing would have undone me a year ago. But it has actually brought spiritual growth. Yes, it’s been hard and emotional, but God is showing up in a mighty way! I’m so thankful to the beautiful ministry of Narrow Gate. The healing and freedom I received has allowed me to face uncertainty with peace. This is the true way of Jesus!!!!