Polished and put back together

I was raised as a Christian from birth, but grew up knowing God as a condemning Father. I have lived with so many broken pieces on the inside, I knew God wanted to repair each part. Today I understand we were never created to live in such brokenness. This is what led me to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path.

The enemy of our soul wants us all to stay broken, and that was evident in the early morning before my first NG2NP session. My drive to “The Fortress” location was not a place I was familiar with. When I tried to open my Maps App, it would NOT open…. I had never seen that before and I drive quite a bit. So, Holy Spirit was literally my guide from the very moment of this journey. Just on my drive to NG2NP Holy Spirit gave me signs of my upcoming rededication as He guided me to my location. A bridge in repair, God spoke “I will be repairing your broken bridges” to yellow butterflies in the sky which I saw as my symbol for transformation and many other details that morning led me, and I hadn’t even begun my sessions. I absolutely believe, that God is a Father of detail. He cares about every detail of our lives and He longs for us to be aligned with Him on that Narrow Path, and that is exactly what this NG2NP Ministry has helped me do.

Through my “emotionless past” these amazing NG2NP facilitators walked with me. Word curses that were spoken over me by myself and by others, were recognized and broken off. They absolutely helped me to renew my mind and realign it with the mind of Christ. Soul ties were broken off and the most amazing part was that I actually smelled something burning as I read the last tie! No one else smelled it, but I know God was burning away all the dead and unwanted things of my past.

There were so many chains and burdens broken off in my sessions that its hard to write them all down. A big take-away for me from NG2NP was the fact that, we can only love as much as we have been taught to love. I felt unloved in moments in my life, I now know that its most likely a reflection from the other persons hurts and pains from their past. This has really helped me to understand and be compassionate.

I am truly grateful to NG2NP, the facilitators and NG2NP Aftercare. The broken pieces of my past have been polished and put back together to form a restored version of myself. I feel so much joy and freedom. I am excited to share my testimony and Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. Every person should know that their Heavenly loving Father wants them to be cleansed of their past and walking in their new true identity.