Preparation & Release

Because of expierences of rejection in my life which not only took a foothold, but also shaped my own image of myself, I felt it was time to go deeper. It was time for Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry. I have been a committed student of the Bible and learned my identity in Christ. I was certain of my identity in Christ, and was certain I was walking it out, but, I also knew something was missing!

I learned through NG2NP, I was merely “acting” the part, more often than not. Too many soul ties and unsuspecting generational curses were still impacting my life and manifesting in a myriad of ways. All subtlely destructive. I could see my challenge with finishing things or, finishing abrubtly. Not trusting myself for the finished product or believing my efforts measure up. Even choosing short term missions and well defined ministry projects. Thank God that through NG2NP HE has grabbed a hold of me and been such an outspoken cheerleader in my life!!

Where I am now is like a person who has been waiting around for years needing Rx eyeglasses and hearing aids and FINALLY getting them! I see much more clearly and hear so much better! His Word IS TRUE! His plans for my life is true! I am right where He wants me to be and I am effective in HIS Kingdom! I haven’t called myself old in weeks!! I’m feeling so much more light hearted and more forgiving. I find that my heart is suddenly less jugemental and my joy is full to overflowing and sustained in my daily chaos at work. I have more energy and I am more sensitive to the quick leading of the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. I can confidently say I CAN be still and know HE IS GOD!

I would reccomend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to anyone who knows God has called them to “go.” Anyone who knows and understands HE calls us to be Kingdom ambassadors. This called mission requires the best part of us needs to be fully healed and fully at work.

The bondage of the past not only holds us back and in captivity, but it gives us mindsets and behaviors that hide Jesus’ true identity within us. Be healed, delivered and set free.. through “The Gate” that is Jesus.