Renewed Mind

There has been much restoration throughout my 16- year journey with Jesus, however, leading up to my NG2NP Ministry experience, there were a few areas that I was still continuously in bondage too. My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry experience allowed for The Holy Spirit to reveal to me that I still carried some un-forgiveness, offense,control, shame, fear, and judgement. His kindness throughout my session, led me to repentance, a place where I could forgive others, God and myself. He revealed to me where curses and vows were placed on me and over my life, not only by others, but also by the words I spoke over myself. NG2NP gave me the opportunity to seek forgiveness, renounce current and ancestral sins, curses and vows, and break all power in my life that did not line up with God’s Word. They were never meant for me to own.

Since NG2NP, I have freedom from certain thoughts that were consuming me prior to my sessions. I also have freedom from certain feelings that although temporary, would bring me to a place outside of who God says I am. Since my Narrow Gate experience, I have a peace and joy that is unexplainable and I choose to believe… I have an audience of one; I am a God pleaser and that is all that ultimately matters. He alone validates my worth; He has set me free from prior thoughts and feelings outside The Word and will of God; I am perfect in His sight; I am the apple of His eye; I am a treasure in earthen vessel; and so are you!

This beautiful ministry will help guide you to freedom by The Holy Spirit! I absolutely love how this Ministry allows The Holy Spirit to come in and takes how we see ourselves and flips it so we then see ourselves as our Heavenly Father actually sees us! So beautiful! So personal! Current strongholds are examined as the Holy Spirit lead me to repentance which broke chains. The thoughts I was having, are COMPLETELY GONE! He gives us exactly what we need, FREEDOM!

Narrow Gate After Care Ministry Team reaches out every morning and every evening, holding me accountable with my daily affirmations which I found to be so encouraging as I renewed my mind! They are such loving individuals who have walked the very Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path expierence as I now have.

My NG2NP Ministry Team was kind, supportive, honest, and helpful using personal stories and victories to help me feel relatable.

THIS IS the freedom He so desires you to have through Him! It IS finished!