Safe In His Arms


I came from a country where civil war had become a way of life. The regime was ruling and my countrymen were literally fighting for their lives. I found myself caught in the middle at a very young age. My country destroyed and my identity along with it. I found myself in an endless battle against myself which only bled on others around me.

I heard about Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path several years ago. It was at that time I knew the Lord was leading me. But the fear which I now know had become part of me, had gripped tightly. Fear of what I believed was the truth, fear of the truth of my past and the fear of not being accepted because of the exposure was strangling my spirit, soul and body. It’s hold expressed in a heavy depression.

After my NG2NP session I can say the greatest gift I have received is PEACE. His peace that covers me is unbelievable and undeniable. His peace and hope now established. All the while I knew His peace was missing, seemingly unattainable, but now it stays with me all through life’s ups and downs . The shame and guilt I had carried from past generations that told me I wasn’t good enough, is gone. I have a much deeper understanding of the weight of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and exactly what that means for ME. Now because of that, I feel weightless in His presence. I feel protected and safe. I hold close the understanding of His deep love and forgiveness I choose to pass it on to my future generations.

Before my NG2NP session, I wasn’t comfortable saying “no” or having an opinion. Now, I feel more independent. I have strength in my decisions. No is ok and I feel free in my choices and consequences because they are mine. I have actually realized my reactions to situations and I am now quick to reach out for prayer support.

My NG2NP Ministry team was and continues to be amazing through NG2NP After-Care. I was amazed at how my facilitators identified with my situation. The Holy Spirit was absolutely evident in the room and I felt secure in the assurance of His presence. I believed, apprehended and grabbed hold of His presence and His truth. My NG2NP After-Care Team have been incredibly supportive. I feel so comfortable with their contact. Daily accountability is what I’ve needed to prompt me to transform.

I would highly recommend this ministry to those who are searching for a deeper relationship with Christ. If you  know there is more, but feel stuck…Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path is for you, freedom is a day away.