Shattered2  I was shattered…my past choices and generational patterns had left me in pieces. But after my amazing experience with Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path, I finally know what it TRULY means to be “Set Free!” I am loved by my Heavenly Father and my story is important!
Obviously, I also now know I have a part to play in my freedom and I MUST do my part to stay free. That peace that I’ve heard others speak of, that love and joy that I just couldn’t seem to obtain, I now know is real and its MINE. I’m FREE!! I have finally been set free and others notice.
The torment, depression and ever fleeing self-worth, hindered everything I put any effort into. It tormented me for YEARS. I asked God for help with my tormented life and He led me to Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path. I pleaded with the director, “please don’t give upon me” I was desperate. “The perfect place to be,” my facilitator later told me.
The support I found with my NG2NP Facilitators and my NG2NP After Care Team during and after my sessions, was wonderful. Amazing daily support from women who have already walked the walk. With care and Godly love, wrapped in respect and non-judgmental feedback and truth, I was able to remember and speak about things in my past that I haven’t spoken about or admitted to in years. This gave me courage to repent and renounce those memories and perceptions. My NG2NP Facilitators guidance was scripturally aligned, full of truth from God’s Word. It caused me to dig deep. Led by the Holy Spirit who was absolutely present, I wanted more and more to get to the root of bitterness and all the other deep roots in me that caused me to fall into sin and iniquity from generations past and from doors I had opened.
Today, 2 weeks after going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry, I’m amazed at the peace I feel. Even others have noticed and commented. A new woman has been born in me, and the Word of God has come alive inside of me!!I know I have been washed clean. My NG2NP After Care Team is vital to my continued healing. Their morning and evening contact keeps me on task as I daily renew my mind. Learning and applying this new authority I have in God, brings absolute joy to my soul. I am ready and willing for this new adventure in Jesus! Today I live for His peace. My eyes and ears have been opened to a new relationship with My Lord. I have purpose.
This new passion I have for the gospel, has opened new ministry doors which I am very excited about. I would recommend Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path to EVERYONE…. But if you feel shattered, stuck, alone or that God is not there for you ….You need NG2NP. Don’t hesitate, Jesus wants you free.