Simply Be Still

My Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path experience came right when I needed it. Even though I read the word of God daily, I hadn’t been consistent in speaking over myself what God says about me. What I believe to be His truth in my life and who I am in Christ. THIS makes an amazing difference in my day to day life.

Since NG2NP my communication with my family, my spouse and Holy Spirit has grown. All my relationships have increased. I’m hearing God’s voice more clearly, increased dreams and understanding through His Word.

As I journeyed through deeper layers of forgiveness with loved ones, I felt something shift in the spiritual realm that enabled me to speak about my truths while being more comfortable with myself. This newness for me poured into a deeper quiet time that I have now purposefully set aside in the mornings and in the evenings for God alone. He speaks to me, through me and for me, simply to be still with Him. Today I find my trust has increased. I am inclined to take more risks, knowing He’s always with me.

Narrow Gate After-Care along with my affirmations gave me gentle reminders and accountability with encouragement and love reminding me of the importance of renewing my mind. They were always uplifting and supportive. Everyone involved in Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path ministry is encouraging and positive. They all minister from a place of God’s love. I was reminded often that what comes out of my mouth WILL come to pass.

I would definitely recommend NG2NP. It is a unique experience tailored specifically to the individual by the Holy Spirit to the one receiving ministry. One can expect positive outcomes and a breakthrough testimony!!