Stepping Into Intimacy

I came to Narrow Gate desiring intimacy with the Lord. After 10 years of walking with Jesus, I couldn’t understand why I felt so distant from Him and why I would turn to others before seeking the Lord when confronted with a problem or decision. I had studied the Word, I had sat in church faithfully for years, I had prayed. I had listened to countless sermons and traveled the country to surround myself with people that were on fire for the Lord, I was even baptized in the Holy Spirit, yet I still felt like an outsider when it really came to knowing my heavenly Father. I remember crying out to the Lord one morning, “why are you so distant from me? Why can’t I hear or feel your Presence like I used to?” and immediately I heard in my heart “you have a problem with intimacy.”

His answer brought me to NG2NP. The experience I had with Holy Spirit during that 2 day inner healing/deliverance immersion changed me forever. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I AM FREE! Free from negative patterns of thinking, free from unforgiveness I wasn’t aware I was harboring, free from the double mindedness that has plagued me, and finally FREE to have the relationship that He wants to have with ALL His children. The healing and revelation I received from the Holy Spirit was the key to me stepping into intimacy with Him. I finally understood that my upbringing, my life experiences and the ways of the world, had shaped belief systems in me and were completely opposed to those of the Kingdom. What I came to understand is, the Lord has never ceased speaking to me, He has never left me, It was my belief systems that were getting in the way of hearing Him clearly. Once those strongholds were torn down, the barriers were completely removed. My mind finally came into agreement with the Truth that I have always known in my heart. Holy Spirit is quickly becoming my closest friend. I can now pray and ask Him to fill me, help me, lead me without questioning, doubting or thinking He won’t respond, He always does, but I finally believe it!

I am so grateful to this incredible Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path team.They treated me like a daughter, I felt loved, safe and free to be vulnerable. Their wisdom and discernment helped guide my deliverance and healing. Im so grateful for these two godly women who chose to lead me through “The Gate.” They are SOLD OUT to Jesus and it is in this complete surrender and desire to serve the Lord that their giftings flow so powerfully and effectively. The Holy Spirit led my ENTIRE experience because of the yielding of my team. The whole NG2NP team has yielded so wholeheartedly to the Holy Spirit, sewing their time and giftings into this ministry. As vessels of the Lord, my facilitators led me to being so powerfully delivered and healed. I finally understand what it means to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind!”