The Lord’s Great Work

I was a bit nervous before going through Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry. I was not sure what to expect. I knew it was going to be hard having to face all the truths, lies, and skeletons in my closet. I knew it would be painful and heavy having to revisit so many hard moments in my life, which I had buried deep inside of me, things I really wanted to never have to think about again. I was truly dreading having to revisit all of what had made me who I was, all up until the moment I went through “The Gate.”

It’s amazing how we go through life carrying all the baggage of the past, not even aware of most of it. At Narrow Gate, I learned things about myself I had no idea existed, things that were truly affecting me throughout my life, even throughout my walk with Christ. The Lord does a great work in our lives as soon as we surrender our lives to Him, we think that is it, we are not where we used to be, and it’s ok that we are not where we need to be, as we are a work in progress. To a certain extent, this statement is true; however, what if every believer knew that they could truly be living in complete freedom, the way God intended it to be?! We become complacent with a lot of things, and in many ways, don’t look much different from the world. I always knew something was not right. Something was still missing in my life. This cannot be all God has for me. God did not save me, for me to continue living sad and/or broken. In the past few months of my life, I was feeling extremely lonely, to the point that I would sometimes put myself to sleep in tears from the sadness and loneliness.

After NG2NP, I no longer feel sad or lonely, not even for a split second. I have not felt this much peace, in a very long time. Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path helped me to to fully understand what putting God first really means and what that looks like. Now, He is a priority in my life, and I am already reaping the fruit of that! I am now enjoying a deeper and more loving relationship with My Lord. I am just so grateful I am no longer where I used to be! Through NG2NP the Holy Spirit has opened my eyes to my soul. I no longer live in a fog, insecure about so many things. Today, I am more aware of what I think, say and do. I am more aware of my surroundings and I am more intentional about who I let into my space. More aware of what I read or listen to. Keeping my mind, heart and spirit pure. Narrow Gate has helped me live a more God centered life.

NG2NP After Care was so consistent and encouraging to me. They really helped me form daily habits as the transformation took hold in me. My affirmations really remind me of who I am in Christ and how much He loves me.

I feel different. I think different. I love different. I am different.

What Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry is doing is incredibly life changing, God works through this ministry, it has changed my life. I truly feel healed and I have never felt so much freedom and spiritual maturity as I do now.