The Man God Made Me To Be

Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path has truly excellerated my understanding of many spiritual concepts that were in my belief system but, were not as firmly rooted as they needed to be. NG2NP also introduced me to quite a few more “truths” that I needed to help me to continue in growth and maturity in Christ and to fully become the man God made me to be.

Choosing to go to the Holy Spirit FIRST before offense sets in will result in 3 important truths for me.

1. The spiritual side of an issue will be exposed more quickly to me so I can pray.

2. Seeing the situation from God’s perspective leads me to a position of reinforcement about who I am in Christ and HIS work done for me on the cross.

3. Leads me to a Godly response instead of a worldly reaction. This process prevents me from taking offense and then shuts down any torment I may have expierenced in the past. Trusting the Holy Spirit with every 1st opportunity offense and believing that He will handle them is causing a great growth in my walk with Jesus as well as increasing my intimacy with Holy Spirit.

Today I feel less rushed and at peace. I am content and happy right where I am with Jesus. I feel more significant, mighty and firmly planted in the Lord.

On a scale of 1-10, I give Narrow Gate 2 Narrow Path Ministry a solid 10. It’s amazing to watch the Holy Spirit show you your past and how it relates to your future by Jesus’ redeeming blood. My NG2NP facilitators used great care and humility as they led me in my sessions.

I would reccomend NG2NP to someone who is already passionately chasing after God and wants more. Someone with an existing foundation in Christ and who is serious about going deeper.